Teachers union purchases NewsGuard licenses for all 1.7 million member teachers to brainwash students with corporate disinformation parading as “trusted media”

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Image: Teachers union purchases NewsGuard licenses for all 1.7 million member teachers to brainwash students with corporate disinformation parading as “trusted media”

(Natural News) The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) wants public school “educators” to play a much bigger role in combating online “misinformation” by brainwashing their students in being gullible enough to believe that only corporate media giants are “trusted” sources.

The union announced that it is now partnering up with NewsGuard, a digital censorship tool that protects Big Pharma, to make its ratings information available to AFT’s 1.7 million members, as well as the tens of millions of students they indoctrinate on a daily basis.

Thanks to a new licensing agreement, the AFT was able to give public school teachers free access to NewsGuard and its “traffic light” news ratings information and “Nutrition Label” reviews.

In an announcement, AFT president Randi Weingarten said that the effort is focused primarily on middle school, high school and post-secondary students.

“This historic deal will not only help us steer clear of increasingly fetid waters – it will provide a valuable lesson in media literacy and a discussion point for teachers in class on what can, and can’t, be trusted,” Weingarten said in a statement.

Weingarten, by the way, was earlier caught taking off her mask to help others hear her speak, even as she continues to advocate for the forced muzzling of all public school children at all times.

Media Research Center warns that NewsGuard can’t be trusted

According to Weingarten, NewsGuard is a “beacon for clarity” when it comes to identifying rightspeak as opposed to wrongspeak. The conservative-leaning Media Research Center (MRC), however, says that NewsGuard is not to be trusted.


Earlier in the month, MRC warned that NewsGuard “has quickly gained a reputation for falsely attacking conservative sites while promoting biased left-wing sites as objective.”

The group added that NewsGuard rates left-leaning news sites 27 points higher on a 100-point scale than right-leaning news outlets.

When it comes to information about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), NewsGuard ranks anything that parrots the official narrative highest on the rankings while downgrading anything that questions the likes of Tony Fauci (NIAID) and Rochelle Walensky (CDC).

NewsGuard is actually partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO), which feeds it “true” information about the Fauci Flu that can then be used to parse out the “false” information.

“On its website, NewsGuard’s list of COVID-19 misinformation ‘super-spreaders’ includes the Facebook page of the late conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh and others who linked to Mr. Limbaugh’s website, including ‘Colorado for Donald Trump 2020’ which was not affiliated with the former president’s campaign,” reports the Washington Times.

Some of us remember a time when school was about teaching children how to read, write and understand math. How did we devolve from that to teaching students how to become snitches for the Ministry of Truth?

“Here is a novel idea: stick to teaching the 3Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) and educated people can then decide for themselves what the ‘beacon of clarity’ may be,” is how one reader at the Times put it.

Another emphasized the fact that NewsGuard was created specifically to censor alternative, and often conservative, points of view. Anything that defies the official government position on a matter is “fact checked” and automatically labeled as false.

“NewsGuard is another of those web sites designed to censor conservative views. What a shock the teacher’s union is partnering with them.”

Over at Natural News, a reader pointed out that Weingarten is a hypocrite and a fraud for pushing this agenda on children, even as she defies the rules herself.

“The only purpose of forced masking was to identify the willing,” suggested another.

The latest news about how public schools are becoming fascist breeding grounds for censorship can be found at Censorship.news.

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