Mask tyrant Randi Weingarten removes muzzle during public school conference because people had a “hard time hearing” her speak

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Image: Mask tyrant Randi Weingarten removes muzzle during public school conference because people had a “hard time hearing” her speak

(Natural News) Randi Weingarten, the “mask queen” president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), was recently caught removing her face covering during the 2021 SOMOS conference in Puerto Rico.

Claiming that those in attendance were “having a hard time hearing” her through all that cloth and plastic, Weingarten took off the mask and potentially exposed the entire room full of people to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

After possibly igniting a “superspreader” event with this action, Weingarten made headlines for her hypocrisy. After all, this is the same Weingarten who has been pushing for “universal masking” for children in public schools.

A concerned parent named Adriana Aviles tweeted a photo of Weingarten unmasked and surrounded by many others who were also unmasked and in close proximity to her – you know, like how children are in the classroom.

“Gotta love when school teachers @rweingarten @DOEChancellor mingle with others … in a packed room … with no masks … yet … I wonder if everyone needed proof of Vax to attend this ‘work vaca’ … they sure didn’t need masks,” Aviles wrote, also tagging @AppletoZucchini, @daniela127, and @Chalkbeat.

In response, Weingarten claimed that she had to show “proof of vaccination” upon entry into the event.

“I had also just done a rapid Covid test & was negative,” she further added.

Randi Weingarten is a hypocritical tyrant

In the rest of her nonsensical and grammatically incorrect response, Weingarten issued a feigned “apology” and admitted that she is a hypocrite. But unlike the students her mask policies punish every single day, Weingarten will presumably not face any consequences.


Instead, she will continue on as normal pushing for more tyranny in public schools while flouting her own rules whenever she attends packed events full of other potential superspreaders.

Rules for thee and not for me seems to be the ethos of the ruling class, which is comprised of Branch Covidians like Weingarten who flagrantly do whatever they want in public while demanding that others “below” them follow extreme rules to keep everyone “safe.”

“You enjoyed not having to wear a mask, right?” asked Daniela Jampel, a founding member of the grassroots nonpartisan group “Keep NYC Schools Open,” in another tweet to Weingarten.

“While students in the city you live in – many of whom are vaccinated – have to wear their masks for 6+ hrs every day, even outdoors, while they’re in school. If you claim to be pro-student, as you claim, it’s time to take a stand.”

In response to this tweet, a flustered Weingarten claimed that she wears a mask “most of the time indoors,” but not always. The students that Weingarten rules over, meanwhile, are forced to always wear a mask indoors or else get suspended or possibly expelled from receiving an education.

“Ms. Weingarten’s response articulates what so many parents already know – masks are a hindrance to communication and to learning,” Jampel, a mother of three, later told Fox News in an interview about Weingarten’s hypocrisy.

“But unlike adults, when kids in school can’t understand or hear their teacher, or can’t be understood or heard themselves, they do not have the option of simply removing their masks.”

Jampel further explained that while Weingarten was hobnobbing it up unmasked in Puerto Rico, school children in New York City are being forced to mask up for six hours a day while at school, “even while outside during recess.”

Weingarten “should use her own experience to lead in calling for all schoolchildren to have the option to attend school unmasked as soon as possible,” Jampel added.

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