Australian leader admits two doses of COVID vaccine only provides 4% protection against omicron variant

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Image: Australian leader admits two doses of COVID vaccine only provides 4% protection against omicron variant

(Natural News) Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan admitted in a press conference last week that it is almost pointless to get a COVID-19 vaccine to ‘protect’ against the omicron variant, providing even more evidence that taking the jab isn’t for ‘safety’ but just because officials want us to take them.

“So far the science shows that people with only two doses of COVID vaccine have only 4 percent protection against being infected by the omicron variant. Just 4 percent,” he said.

“With a third dose, it can provide a 64 percent against infection,” he further claimed.

Several people took to social media to mock the Australian leader and the fact that this virus is not a threat to humanity in the first place, hence, there is not really much use in requiring people to take an experimental vaccine that doesn’t work anyway.

The dismal ‘success’ rate for multiple vaccines comes amid massive tyranny ‘Down Under,’ after Australian leaders have terrorized their citizens for nearly two years over COVID.

In August, for instance, Natural News reported that despite successive draconian lockdowns, the country’s coronavirus infection rate was skyrocketing at the time because viruses are going to virus — that’s just what they do:

 Officers of the law are dutifully carrying out the plans of the globalists and enforcing insidious rules that violate the very people they are supposed to serve. Australia has turned into a prison camp, with draconian lockdowns, bodily requirements and travel restrictions. Medical martial law has become a normal way of life, and Australians are being held down until the majority are inoculated with bioweapon vaccine experiments.

In December, the outlet further reported that anyone even suspected of either having COVID-19 or coming in contact with someone who has tested positive is immediately forced into quarantine, no questions asked, in reporting on an incident involving three teens who ‘escaped’ from a COVID camp.

“A manhunt has proceeded after several prisoners (who haven’t been convicted of any crime) escaped from a mandatory quarantine prison near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory,” Big League Politics noted further, adding that local police were actually called to hunt them down.

“The authorities warned locals to stay away from the area following the escape, with considerable law enforcement resources utilized to capture the dangerous fugitives,” the outlet added.

This is pure madness, and what’s more, far too many citizens living in Western ‘democracies’ appear to have no stomach to resist it.

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