Clinical trials begin for medical patch that can administer COVID-19 vaccines through the skin

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Image: Clinical trials begin for medical patch that can administer COVID-19 vaccines through the skin

(Natural News) Medical researchers in Switzerland have launched a clinical trial for a patch that can administer Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. They claim that this method can provide longer-lasting protection against the virus.

The COVID-19 vaccine patch, known as “PepGNP-COVID-19,” was developed by British pharmaceutical company Emergex Vaccines. The company first announced the creation of the vaccine patch in November last year. The clinical trials will be conducted by Unisante Medical Research Center in the western Swiss city of Lausanne, in cooperation with the University Hospital of Lausanne.

The first clinical trial began on Jan. 10. It involves 26 healthy volunteers. The trial participants will be given two doses each – a base dose and a slightly stronger one. The researchers will then keep track of the participants for six months.

To administer the vaccine, the patch will be placed on the skin for a short period of time, during which micro-needles in the patch will pierce the skin less than one-millimeter deep and push the vaccine into the body. Once the vaccine is delivered, the patch can be removed.

This study is the first in the world to involve the new method of delivering vaccines. It follows the start of another study that began last year in Lausanne, the aim of which is to assess the safety of a new-generation dengue vaccine that uses the same technology.

PepGNP is just the latest vaccine being developed by drug companies all over the world as they explore other ways to deliver experimental and dangerous vaccine doses. In India, Bharat Biotech, Codagenix and the Serum Institute are all testing different nasal COVID-19 vaccine delivery systems.


Researchers claim the vaccine patch will provide longer-lasting protection

According to the researchers, PepGNP-COVID-19 is supposed to act like a “pan-coronavirus” vaccine that is designed to be effective against all COVID-19 variants, as well as against other coronaviruses.

The researchers hope that this patch vaccine can eliminate the need for seasonal booster vaccines by providing people with long-lasting immunity. PepGNP can supposedly do this by using T lymphocytes, which generate so-called “memory cells” to make the vaccine more durable. (Related: It’s true: Study backs up earliest claims that natural immunity works far better than COVID-19 vaccine to keep virus from re-infecting.)

The vaccine patch is designed to be more efficient because it doesn’t just attack spike proteins, but also targets viral protein sequences inside infected cells to prevent them from reproducing. This will supposedly reduce the chances of creating new virus mutations, which could find ways to be immune to the vaccine.

The new vaccine does not rely on messenger RNA technology, and the researchers noted that the goal is to induce cellular immunity rather than give the body the antibodies needed to provide protection against future infections.

“With this new vaccine that generates this cellular immunity, we hope to have a longer period of protection. We don’t know yet, but it could be one year, two years, three years,” said Blaise Genton, head researcher and professor of tropical and travel medicine at the University of Lausanne.

Alix Miauton, an employee of Unisante and the head of the clinical trial, claimed that the PepGNP patch vaccine is not meant to replace other vaccines, but to complement them.

Miauton told a local media outlet that in the first phase of the clinical trials, the goal is to determine whether the vaccine is safe and does not induce serious adverse effects. If all three phases of the clinical trials provide the researchers with satisfactory results, the vaccine patch could be available for wider distribution by 2025.

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