Trump TRIPLES down on the deadly vax; claims to have saved millions of lives with Operation Warp Speed

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Image: Trump TRIPLES down on the deadly vax; claims to have saved millions of lives with Operation Warp Speed

(Natural News) The self-proclaimed “father of the vaccine” himself, Donald J. Trump, is once again proudly shilling his “Operation Warp Speed” injections.

In one of his latest cringeworthy appearances, this time alongside failed former Fox News hack Bill O’Reilly, Trump claimed he got a “booster” shot despite already testing “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), only to receive boos in return.

“Oh don’t, no, no, no, don’t, no no no!” Trump yelled at the booing crowd after telling O’Reilly that he supposedly got boosted.

“It’s a very tiny group over there,” Trump continued to scoff, pretending as though most of his former base still supports him (watch the clip below).

Trump went on to ramble about how conservatives who opposed getting jabbed with one of his high-profit injections are “playing right into their hands,” whatever that is supposed to mean.

“But look, we did something that was historic. We saved tens of millions of lives worldwide,” Trump proceeded to lie while patting himself on the back with made-up numbers and conjecture about what is clearly his proudest “accomplishment.”

“We got a vaccine done, three vaccines done, and tremendous therapeutics like Regeneron and other things that have saved a lot of lives,” Trump babbled continuously.

“We got a vaccine done in less than nine months. It was supposed to take from 5-12 years. Because of that vaccine, because of that vaccine, millions and millions of people – I think this would have been the Spanish Flu of 1917 where up to 100 million people died. This was going to ravage the country far beyond what it is right now.”


Trump is a sellout and was probably controlled opposition from the beginning

After Trump got done ranting, you could hear a pin drop as attendees mostly sat in silence. Some booed but mostly the arena was quiet, indicating that Trump no longer has the support of the people he betrayed.

This is hardly an isolated incident, either. Every time Trump makes an appearance, he uses the opportunity to pump the jab manufacturers’ stock prices by bragging about how wonderful his “miracle vaccines” are.

Trump also spoke to Candace Owens recently in an interview where he once again bragged about the injections, calling them “the greatest achievement of mankind.”

“We see the corruption, right? It doesn’t seem like anybody ever pays for the corruption,” Owens told Trump, asking him about his position on the vaccine mandates (watch below).

“And right now, we’re seeing corruption live, even in terms of Big Pharma, which is a huge topic on the minds of mothers especially, you’re seeing what’s happening at these school board meetings.”

Before Owens could finish asking her question, Trump interrupted her to start bragging about the injections with his usual script. Owens continued to talk over him, though, to finish her question and attempt to not let him avoid answering it, which he proceeded to do regardless.

“We would have had a 1917 – remember the Spanish Flu, killed perhaps 100 million people,” lied Trump in his response.

“I came up with a vaccine, with three vaccines, all are very, very good, came up with three of them in less than nine months.”

When Owens pressed Trump a second time about how more people are dying now that his “vaccines” have been widely deployed, Trump responded with even more lies, blaming the unvaccinated for widespread illness in the fully vaccinated.

“Well, no, the vaccine worked, but some people aren’t taking them,” Trump said, parroting the corporate media and the Biden regime. “The ones that get very sick and go to the hospital are the ones who don’t take their vaccine.”

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