Mike Adams shows how to transform a standard AR firearm into a single-shot rifle using the Kali Key

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Image: Mike Adams shows how to transform a standard AR firearm into a single-shot rifle using the Kali Key

(Natural News) Mike Adams demonstrated how a Kali Key product transforms an automatic rifle (AR) into a single-shot rifle during an episode of “Prep with Mike.”

“What this product does is it takes your standard AR-15 and it replaces the bolt carrier group and charging handle. And it turns it into a single-shot rifle, making it no longer a semiautomatic rifle, which makes it compliant in places like California,” said Adams, who reminded enthusiasts to check their local laws.

For the uninitiated, a law went into effect in California on July 1 with two key provisions targeting semiautomatic rifles.

“Right now, if you’re under 21, as of today you can no longer purchase these centerfire semi-automatic rifles in California. That’s very significant,” said Sen. Anthony Portantino, a Democrat from California’s 25th District. “The second piece of it is, for the rest of the population, you can only buy one of these a month.” (Related: California Democrat spills the beans, says “gun confiscation” is the ultimate goal to “prevent all gun violence” … but who will carry it out?)

“I don’t live in California. I live in Texas. And so in Texas, we run everything full bore, full capacity magazines, regular bolt carrier groups and everything. But in California and other places, you’ve got to check your laws,” Adams said.

By turning an AR-15 system into a single shot rifle, Adams said it is now compliant in some jurisdictions to transport in a legal way.


“Typically in California, I believe that should be inside a case and it’s not accessible to you or not loaded. But [Kali Key] can allow you in the right circumstances to transport an AR-style firearm without violating local laws. So let’s take a look at how this looks,” Adams said as he started his demonstration.

Kali Key makes AR quieter

Kali Key also makes your AR very quiet. “Kali Key makes your rifle quieter. It’s a much quieter shot compared to the cycling of the bolt carrier group, because normally when you fire a shot, of course, the gases come back in, and they will cycle this. And that sound is actually one of the loudest sounds when you’re firing with a suppressed firearm,” Adams explained.

The Kali Key replacement charging handle looks a little short for a charging handle, Adams noted, but it can easily replace the regular bolt carrier group. The process to replace the regular bolt carrier group with Kali Key replacement charging handle only takes a few seconds.

Adams said: “This now is a single-shot rifle and it will not cycle from the gases of the round. So this is a non-semiautomatic AR now. It’s got the standard extractor, it functions just like you would normally expect, except now you do it one shot at a time. So  you now have a single shot rifle.”

The Brighteon.com and Brighteon.TV founder praised the Kali Key for its innovative product. “I think this is a great product. I love this product. I think this is fantastic for people who live in states that are pushing insane gun control,” Adams said.

Watch the full video about the Kali Key product on “Prep with Mike.”

This video is from the Health Ranger Report channel on Brighteon.TV.

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