Matrixxx Groove: COVID vaccine is a bioweapon that is killing kids

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Image: Matrixxx Groove: COVID vaccine is a bioweapon that is killing kids

(Natural News) Former Pfizer employee and whistleblower Karen Kingston told Matrixxx Grooove hosts Jeffrey Pedersen and Shannon Townsend that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is a bioweapon that is harming children worldwide.

Kingston shared a recent study suggesting that COVID vaccination causes the mortality rate to go up. The document showed that in the total number of vaccine doses put in the arms of Americans until December 15, there are over 20,000 vaccine-related deaths. With 200 million injections, 20,000 deaths would give around a 0.01 percent fatality rate, which is the price to pay for having bioweapons inserted into the human body.

There is a one in 10,000 vaccine fatality rate based on that baseline, but this number is very conservative as adverse effects and death are severely underreported in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) system. For children ages zero to 17 years, there’s a one-in-25,000 risk of death from the vaccine. That’s one too many as healthy children have basically zero chance of dying from COVID-19.

In taking a look at the risk of death from COVID through May 11 of last year and before the beginning of mass vaccination in adults and children, the fatality rate was 1.1 to 250,000.

Study shows correlation between mortality rates and vaccination in children

A new study pointed out that there is a correlation between mortality and the first few weeks of vaccination in children.

Children over the age of 14 who are vaccinated increase their risk of dying compared to the general population for the first five to six weeks. If a child survives the first five to six weeks of vaccination, then the risk for death from COVID is lower. However, for the unvaccinated age group, for children zero to 14 years, most associations of mortality and vaccination in adults are positive. (Related: Karen Kingston: Pfizer vaccine approval part of a conspiracy to harm children – Brighteon.TV.)


There are also indirect adverse effects of adult vaccination on the mortality of children ages zero to 14 for the first 15 to 18 weeks after vaccination. What this means is that when adults are vaccinated and they are around children for 18 weeks after their last vaccination, the risk of death to children under 14 increases.

Hospitalization from COVID-19 also went up as more and more adults get vaccinated, and risks for children, especially in the zero to four age range, go up tremendously.

With the data shown, the concept of mass vaccination, which is supposed to protect other people and society is harming children and causing an increased risk of death.

While the concept of mass vaccination looks like it is good for society, it is actually a lie. People believe they are being good members of society, but by protecting seniors and the elderly, they are also putting children at risk for death, with children under a year old having the highest death rates.

Overall, the study showed that there is little to no evidence that vaccines reduce community spread and transmission as clinical trials use symptomatic, not asymptomatic COVID cases as the clinical endpoint. Since there is no requirement for weekly coronavirus testing in the participants for most studies, they are not designed to estimate vaccine efficacy in reducing infection.

As vaccines do not appear to reduce community spread for most age groups, vaccine mandates are all ill-advised and there is not much benefit to them other than increasing the serviceable obtainable market share for companies.

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