Emergency update from Adams – Biden’s promised “winter of severe illness and death” is coming true, and here are the states that will see the highest death rates

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Image: Emergency update from Adams – Biden’s promised “winter of severe illness and death” is coming true, and here are the states that will see the highest death rates

(Natural News) An emergency update here, Sunday night, Dec. 19th.

Biden has promised a “winter of severe illness and death.” His threat is real, but the real victims will, of course, be the vaccinated and the unprepared.

Over the weekend, I have received additional confirmations on what I suspected was already accelerating. Local funeral homes are seeing sudden spikes in deaths among vaccinated people as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) collides with winter-induced vitamin D deficiency. Deaths are accelerating rapidly and will continue to rise through the end of February. At that time, I’m told, an estimated 25,000 Americans will be dying each week (significantly more than the 15,600 the CDC is publicly warning about), all due to covid vaccine complications.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, you see, and it stores in human tissues such as the liver and kidneys. As people first enter the winter months, they often have vitamin D supplies left over from the Summer or Fall. But due to the indoor winter months with very little sunshine (and no bare skin outdoors due to the temperature), people use up their vitamin D supplies rather quickly. Most Americans are vitamin D deficient by early January, and without vitamin D circulating in their blood, they become highly susceptible to infections and cancer tumor growth throughout the remainder of the winter.

(Notably, Australia is entering its peak summer season which would normally benefit Australian citizens due to sun exposure, but the strict lockdowns and travel restrictions there are depriving people of outdoor time, exacerbating their chronic vitamin D deficiency, just as planned by the evil death cult lunatics running that country.)


This is why right now, all across America, paramedics, morticians, EMTs and funeral directors are already noting a striking uptick in all-cause mortality. It’s just the beginning, however. It’s going to get far worse through at least the end of February. We could see as many as 400,000 Americans killed this winter alone by covid vaccines, adding to the estimated 800,000 who have already been murdered by the jabs. (That’s 20,000 reported VAERS deaths multiplied by the Under Reporting Factor of 40, as rough estimates.)

Life insurance companies are also seeing record payouts on their policies due to the spike in post-vaccine deaths. Covid vaccines are going to devastate the life insurance industry over the next decade, and premiums will double or triple in the coming year.

Which states will see the highest vaccine deaths this winter

Watch for a late January announcement of a deadly new strain that’s dropping people like flies. But understand in advance that it will be the vaccinated who are dying, not the unvaccinated. The media will, of course, lie to you about this and claim all the dead people are unvaccinated. They will lie until the very end because they are complicit in this vaccine holocaust.

The population of America is over 330 million. The vaccine deaths of even 400,000 people this winter is barely above 1/1000th of the population, or 0.1%. This is why the media can still cover up the significant deaths… it’s not yet enough for people to see the masses dying with their own eyes. But that will change…

According to the CDC, 241 million Americans have received two doses. The CDC also claims 73% of all Americans have received “booster doses,” meaning they are claiming that nearly everyone who has received two doses has also taken booster doses (this claim seems fraudulent, but it’s the CDC, so no one believe them anyway).

The CDC has released the following map that shows vaccine doses administered per capita on a state-by-state basis. The dark blue states claim to have administered 1.5 doses for every person in the state, making them the states with the highest vaccination rates:


The states with the highest vaccination rates, of course, will be the states with the most deaths this winter. It’s not difficult to see that these states and regions include California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, New Mexico, Illinois, Michigan, Florida and most of the Northeast. Florida is likely in this list due to its high percentage of elderly, who are about 95% vaccinated.

Importantly, these are the states where the most deaths are going to occur this winter. So when the Pretender-In-Chief Joe Biden claims America is headed into a, “winter of severe illness and deaths,” he’s not wrong. He’s just failing to mention it’s going to be the blue states where most of these deaths occur.

In Texas, interestingly, the counties with the highest vaccination rates are the border counties which tend to be heavily populated with ethnic Latinos. This shows how Latinos are far more compliant than other ethnic groups:

Aside from the border counties, the areas of Texas also showing darker blue are the liberal cities of Austin, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Houston and El Paso. These is where the die-offs are going to be concentrated. Similar maps are shown for Florida and other states which have “blue” areas designated by county.

As you can see from these maps, the US states that will be least impacted by the vaccine death wave will be Idaho, Wyoming, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Both the government and the media are trying to bury the covid vaccine deaths right now, but at some point in 2022, the death statistics will become undeniable. Increases in all-cause mortality will track almost perfectly with per capita vaccination rates. It won’t take long for statisticians to see the obvious.

Each winter, another wave of vaccine deaths will take place

Unfortunately for the blue cities, counties and states, the vaccine can’t be undone. Deaths will hit hard this coming winter but will likely wane during the summer of 2022 due to increased natural vitamin D. The winter of 2022 / 2023, however, will be absolutely devastating, given that the mRNA spike protein factories will have had another year to damage vascular systems and suppress immunity. Even worse, many people will be convinced to take additional booster shots through 2022, leading them right into a second winter die-off next year.

This cycle of die-offs, booster injections and media hysteria will continue until tens of millions of Americans are dead (unless somehow the genocide is stopped). This might require several years to fully play out, but during this time, America’s economy will be decimated and our civil liberties will be under constant assault. With the State of New York now considering legislation that would legalize armed medical kidnapping of the unvaccinated — and throwing them into covid concentration camps — we are testing the limits of how much medical tyranny the government can try to shove down the throats of Americans without setting off a spirited revolt.

Dead Democrats will be replaced by unvaccinated illegals given special protection status

Blue states, cities and counties, meanwhile, will suffer devastating economic consequences over the next several years, and the demographics of the die-off will see two Democrats dying from the vaccine for every one Republican. The corrupt left-wing leaders already know this, which is why they are bringing in replacement illegals who are protected from vaccinations so that they can remain fertile and reproduce once they occupy America.

It’s true: Vaccines are not being given to illegal immigrants because vaccine manufacturers don’t want the liability of lawsuits stemming from vaccine injuries. Thus, American citizens can be systematically poisoned, killed or made infertile by the vaccines while illegals are given “protected” status and allowed to occupy and repopulate the United States in order to replace the soon-to-be-dead Democrats.

What’s especially ironic is how the very Democrats who voted for this still have no clue that they are being systematically exterminated and replaced through illegal immigration.

The mass murder and depopulation of Americans is further understood by the fact that the FDA has announced the availability of abortion pills via the US mail in all 50 states while, at the same time, the FDA is conspiring with the USPS to intercept and destroy all ivermectin shipments in the mail. The mail can be used, in other words, to murder unborn babies, but never to save the life of a citizen from covid.

Thus, the United States of America, with the aggressive push of criminal mastermind Fauci and the CDC, has become a giant death camp that will produce tens of millions of covid vaccine casualties over the next decade, with replacements at the ready to take the place of the dead Democrats.

Illegals are far more reliable socialists than brainwashed left-wing Americans

Illegal immigrants from Central and South America, it turns out, vote socialist even more reliably than delusional left-wing white liberals. Thus, they have been chosen as the protected class to usher in the next century of mass poverty combined with government authoritarianism and medical tyranny. Just as illegals in America are rarely required to carry auto insurance or driver’s licenses — they essentially have legal immunity in Texas, California, New Mexico and other states — they will also not be required to produce any vaccine compliance documentation. They will be allowed to move through every sector of society — including voting booths — without producing any form of identification or compliance.

The vaccine compliance will only be inflicted upon actual American citizens in order to exterminate them.

This is the scenario under which you are now living, and only those who refuse the vaccines will remain as survivors of this vaccine holocaust.

If you comply, you die. Resist the jab and you may have a chance, although it will be difficult to stem the flood of illegals currently sweeping across the country by design. They are given air tickets and deposited in swing counties and states where Democrats need an extra voting boost. They can no longer reliably pull off with ballot fraud, you see, due to increased scrutiny of electronic voting machines following the rigging of the 2020 election.

Once again, Democrats are plotting two or three moves ahead on the chess board while the GOP is playing tiddly winks and getting bamboozled at every turn. The GOP is still fighting the last war while the Democrats and the globalists are overrunning the country with each passing day.

The America you once knew is already gone. The youth have been hopelessly corrupted with LGBT grooming and the complete failure of public education. The injections required to achieve the mass die-off have already been administered. The fiat currency has been printed to the point of ruin. Now it’s just a matter of these maneuvers playing out.

Few people have yet come to realize that the America we once knew is already lost. Like Sun Tzu, the outcome of this war has already been determined before the first shot is yet to be fired. Now the only question is who will be in charge as America falls. Will it be the Democrats who deliberately engineered the destruction of this great nation? Or will it be the Republicans who stood by and did nothing while the Marxists and communists took over every institution?

Either way, the world you once knew is gone.

To be continued…

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