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Image: Former police officer Eric Moutsos shares the oppression he faced for refusing to conform to LGBT agenda – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Former Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) officer Eric Moutsos shared the oppression he faced for refusing to conform during the Dec. 14 episode of “The Sheriff Mack Show” with Sam Bushman on Brighteon.TV. Bushman filled in for regular host Sheriff Richard Mack.

Moutsos first made the headlines for his refusal to participate in the 2014 Utah Pride Parade. According to a report by Deseret News, the SLCPD motorcycle unit he was part of was asked to join the parade and perform choreographed maneuvers on motorcycles.

He declined, citing personal beliefs that made it uncomfortable for him to do so.

Moutsos clarified that he had no problem performing his law enforcement duties at the parade, having provided security for same-sex couples to be married. “I felt that by being an actual participant in the parade, I would be perceived to be supporting certain messages that were contrary to who I am. I will protect their parade, but I just don’t want to be in it.”

To this end, the police officer sent an internal email asking to exchange assignments with another officer – but his request was denied.

Two days later, Moutsos was called into the office of one of the police commanders and placed on administrative leave. His colleagues took away his badge and gun for discrimination. His sergeant then drove him home and took all his police equipment. Moutsos resigned from SLCPD a short time later.

“They were going to investigate me for bigotry. The good news is that the state auditor came in, audited all of that stuff and slapped them on the wrist for discrimination,” Moutsos recounted.


Prior to joining the department, Moutsos’ mother advised him against it. “She warned me: ‘Do not work for SLCPD out of all of them.’ I didn’t listen to my mom – but I quickly found, once I got hired, that it was all political.”

Moutsos: Colleagues agreed with me, but no one stood up

Moutsos was basically untouchable during his time at the SLCPD – being the “No. 1 guy in pretty much everything.” However, his punishment at the hands of the department came as a stark contrast to his prior stellar record.

“The police department stood on the steps, the public relations people stood on the steps and said ‘We do not tolerate bigotry, bias or hatred within the organization,'” he said. “I told them that I love all people, I explained to them [that] I love everybody, because there’s nobody in this world that I hate. Even if I hate their policies and politics, I don’t hate anyone.”

The former police officer lamented that none of his colleagues supported him during his ordeal despite agreeing with his sentiments. “Not even the ones that agreed with me, not even my sergeant, not even my deputy chief who took my badge. It was really disheartening when I saw all of the other guys just bow down to this,” Moutsos said.

“One of the reasons why we’re in such a mess is because nobody is standing up and saying what needs to be said. This is why we’re losing it so quickly.”

According to Moutsos, the mayor of “incredibly liberal” Salt Lake City makes a lot of the decisions for the police department. “It could have been the mayor who told the police chief what to do, or the police chief could have gone rogue and wanted to look even cooler for his next positions.”

Bushman remarked: “Everybody agrees with you but somehow, somewhere, this agenda is being forced – and I use that word on purpose.” He then put forward that someone higher was responsible for the mandate for the police to join the Pride Parade.

The former Salt Lake City policeman agreed, saying: “There is a very, very powerful, small minority that runs this show. It’s all done through force, fear, coercion, manipulation. There’s no other word [for it] than evil. The ones that are running the show [and] are using the people in the LGBTQ community, minorities and others – these people are the racists and homophobes. They’re the ones using these people for their agenda.” (Related: Dr. Scott Lively talks about the LGBT mafia’s oppression of Christians – Brighteon.TV.)

“I’m not saying all the people in the LGBT community are evil. That’s not what I’m saying. Most of the people in these communities, they’re just being manipulated and used, and they’re good people.” (Related: Christian Chaplain reported to anti-terrorism programme for sermon on LGBT ideology.)

Moutsos concluded: “If you don’t have the freedom to refuse [joining] a gay parade, you don’t have freedom.”

Watch the full Dec. 14 episode of “The Sheriff Mack Show” with Sam Bushman and Eric Moutsos at the video below. “The Sheriff Mack Show” airs every Tuesday at 10-11 a.m. on Brighteon.TV. has more about people standing up and refusing to conform.

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