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Image: Robert Scott Bell slams FDA for granting full approval to Pfizer’s KILLER vaccine – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Robert Scott Bell slammed the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for granting Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine full approval despite knowing that over a thousand deaths were linked to it within the first three months of rollout.

During the Dec. 6 episode of his program “The Robert Scott Bell Show” on Brighteon.TV, the host talked about the first batch of Pfizer documents released by the FDA in accordance with a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.

The documents revealed that there were 1,223 deaths in the first three months of Pfizer’s vaccine rollout, which should have been enough cause to stop the vaccination program. The pharmaceutical giant also listed 42,086 adverse reactions – representing a total of 158,893 adverse events – over the same period. Over 25,000 of the reported events were classified as “nervous system disorders.”

The adverse reactions listed in the documents include acute respiratory distress syndrome, pneumonia, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, dermatitis, Bell’s Palsy, skin allergies, paralysis, kidney and liver problems and other life-threatening side effects.

Bell said Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine also caused fetal deaths, spontaneous abortions and more.

Pfizer has complete disregard for life

Bell described today’s situation as living in a pharmaceutical insane asylum, saying Pfizer argued that all of the deaths or injuries are not related and that COVID-19 is much more dangerous than anything that people are dying from after getting the shot.


”There is a complete lack of regard for life. They cannot argue that this is to save life, because if it were, then they would have paid attention to all of the doctors and scientists pointing out that people who had what they call COVID manifests were 100 percent surviving via the the numerous treatments that were available via old drugs like ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and other things that that were being used,” said Bell.

”These people have no conscience. They are demonic, evil-possessed spirits at this point, to make these arguments. And yet they’re going to go after our kids if you let them. Pfizer, the same company that put out the shot that killed lots of people is now saying it could have vaccine data for kids under five by the end of the year.”

Children below five years old is the only group that is not eligible to take the vaccine in the United States. (Related: Injecting children with Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine is reckless and dangerous.)

“They are hoping that there are enough ignorant scared parents that would probably go, ‘Oh, yeah, well get my kid. Yeah, I can’t wait to get my five-year-old jabbed.’ With all those deaths, how many kids are they willing to kill?”

Bell said an mRNA injection technology that doesn’t have long term safety data will sentence a five-year-old to a life of injury.

”Of course, the CEO is a ‘Yeah, we’re good. We got to get them going. We got this data done by the end of the year.’ Six months to two years old, two to five years old. There’s no limit to what they’re willing to do,” said Bell.

“We’re also seeing more and more reports of stillbirths. Miscarriage rates are climbing. Still births are climbing – not subtle but significant increases among those who are getting the jab and these moms-to-be are being coerced and threatened. And being told that the safety data is very clear here. There’s no risk to you. It’s safe and effective even during pregnancy.

“And yet, there’s so much data that counters that claim. It sounds good to say it’s safe and effective. It’s a mantra. It’s an Orwellian hypnotic trance that they’re putting people in. And it’s becoming more and more obvious what’s happening here.”

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