NO FOOD FOR YOU: New Brunswick, Canada, now allows grocery stores to ban unvaccinated shoppers

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Image: NO FOOD FOR YOU: New Brunswick, Canada, now allows grocery stores to ban unvaccinated shoppers

(Natural News) Beginning on December 4, the Canadian province of New Brunswick is now allowing grocers to ban unvaccinated people from purchasing food.

Part of the province’s so-called “winter action plan,” the move gives free rein to private businesses to discriminate against those who choose to leave their natural immune systems intact as opposed to destroying them with Big Pharma chemicals.

If a grocery store in New Brunswick just so happens to be run by Branch Covidians who believe that mRNA (messenger RNA) poisons should be dispensed into every person’s body without consent, then that business can now refuse service to customers who disagree.

Health Minister Dorothy Shephard played a pivotal role in passing this new rule. She claims that the rise in new “cases” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) throughout the province is “very concerning.”

According to reports, only 97 people in New Brunswick, population 776,827 (2019), have tested “positive” using fraudulent PCR tests that were designed to pick up seasonal influenza.

“The measures are not difficult,” Shephard declared about her latest implementation of medical fascism. “The power to keep us in level one is in our hands.”

The “level” she is referring to here pertains to the region’s “three-level escalating alert system.” The more people test positive for Chinese Germs, the higher the levels go with more restrictions put in place to “flatten the curve.”

Public Safety Canada says “food” is one of 10 critical infrastructure sectors that must be restricted due to “covid”

In a guide that was published by the Canadian federal government, Public Safety Canada specifically names “food” as one of 10 critical sectors of infrastructure that must be protected due to the Fauci Flu.


Preparation and delivery of food, that guide also states, is an “Essential Service and Function,” which apparently means it can be manipulated by government officials to only be given to the vaccine-compliant.

“While provinces have been free to manage their own restrictions and lockdowns during the pandemic, grocery stores across the country have until now remained open to everyone,” reported True North News.

The announcement comes a day after Shephard warned New Brunswickers against making Christmas travel plans.

Already, many are asking questions about the human rights infringements posed by Shephard’s discriminatory new policy. Is it really okay for some government bureaucrat to deprive the unvaccinated of food, which they need in order to live?

Not only that, but the Fauci Flu is pretty much non-existent in New Brunswick. If the corporate media and government bureaucrats like Shephard would just shut up about it, it would vanish from existence pretty much immediately.

That is because covid is a disease of the mind. It is a mental illness that thrives on fantasy and delusion. Covid is also a religion that recruits through coercion. One must believe in it or else be deprived of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

“A high-profile European pathologist is reporting that he and his colleagues across Europe have not found any evidence of any deaths from the novel coronavirus on that continent,” wrote one commenter at Natural News, adding even more conspiracy to the situation.

“Dr. Stoian Alexov called the World Health Organization (WHO) a ‘criminal medical organization’ for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic. Another stunning revelation from Bulgarian Pathology Association (BPA) president Dr. Alexov is that he believes it’s currently ‘impossible’ to create a vaccine against the virus.”

This same commenter went on to explain that European pathologists have not even identified any antibodies that are specific to SARS-CoV-2, which raises some serious questions about what is actually going on here.

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