Mike Adams and Mitchell Nicholas Gerber discuss communist China’s organ harvesting of Falun Gong members – Brighteon.TV

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Image: Mike Adams and Mitchell Nicholas Gerber discuss communist China’s organ harvesting of Falun Gong members – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Investigative journalist Mitchell Nicholas Gerber joined the Health Ranger Mike Adams during the December 1 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” on Brighteon.TV to talk about China’s Falun Gong organ harvesting operations.

“Humanity is now being attacked by biowarfare agents that were created in part by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But you may also be aware that the CCP’s history involves a long-standing crime of human organ harvesting – especially from the Falun Gong, which is a kind of prayer-meditation-health and wellness group,” Adams said.

“Understand that Falun Gong [is] a peaceful group. [The members] aren’t combative, they don’t carry guns around or anything. They meditate in the public square, they’re just a meditation group – and yet they’re targeted. It’s part of this global black market of organ transplants. It’s a grotesque … and horrifying subject, but we must cover it. Because we must acknowledge that this is happening so that we can rise up and defeat the evil CCP and save humanity against those horrors.”

Gerber said that Beijing’s oppression of Falun Gong adherents has been conducted on a systematic basis.

“One quarter of China’s gross domestic product has been used to eradicate the Falun Gong – 100 million people in China. The estimates of organ harvesting is between 80,000 and 100,000 transplant murders a year,” Gerber said.

“Also, the Uyghur Muslims, the House Christians and Tibetans [are sent] to the state-mandated hospitals. The CCP is cutting out their organs while alive, selling the organs as ‘the healthiest organs in the world’ illegally without any consent and burying the bodies to conceal the evidence.” (Related: Relative of Shanghai-based doctor reveals details about China’s live organ harvesting program.)


Falun Gong’s ideology a threat to Chinese Communist rule

Former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, who started the persecution of the movement, declared that Falun Gong sought to “overthrow the Chinese government and undermine socialism.”

Gerber, who has been reporting on the issue since 2001, gave three reasons why the CCP has been targeting the Falun Gong movement.

First, Falun Gong became the largest spiritual movement in all of China – with one out of every 12 Chinese citizens adhering to it. Gerber said that Falun Gong is a “mind and body spiritual practice very similar to yoga or tai chi.” The practice promoted different positive values such as kindness, truthfulness and tolerance, “which is [the] philosophy of all good, upright and healthy people in normal societies.”

Second, Falun Gong’s tenets were a stark contrast to the ideology espoused by the CCP. Gerber described the party’s ideology as a “reign of terror that has wiped out more life than two world wars combined.” He elaborated: “There is no other regime on the face of the earth that has single-handedly [killed] over 100 million people; decimated 5,000 years of Chinese culture; and created the largest state-sanctioned, kill-to-order, on-demand genocide.”

Third, medical investigations by CCP scientists found that Falun Gong adherents experienced health benefits in both the physical and mental aspect. “Millions of dollars of healthcare costs have been reduced, suicide rates have been reduced [and] divorce rates were decreasing. People were living longer [and] feeling better. Ailments, illnesses and injuries were all healed – not cured, but healed,” Gerber told Adams.

“One hundred million [Falun Gong adherents] by 1998 – 30 million more than the [party] membership – made the CCP very threatened. So they devised the Final Solution campaign. Demonize Falun Gong as some terrorist cult to turn public opinion against [them], poison [the Chinese people’s] mindset, send [Falun Gong members] off to so-called re-education centers and kill them for the organs while alive for massive money.”

CCP genocide coming to American shores

Adams said: “The policies of China and the current U.S. regime – which is just an extension of China at the moment – are designed to do exactly that. The U.S. government wasn’t that way under [former President Donald] Trump, but it is absolutely that way under [incumbent President Joe] Biden, who is of course controlled by the CCP.

“Rather than America influencing China to stop these practices, it’s as if China’s practices have now infected America and it’s spreading. We need to stop this evil on a global basis, and yet the evil is spreading and now we are run by China.

“Some of the horrors of China have been denied not only by the CCP [itself], but also by Western leaders that are in league with [Beijing] in covering up these grotesque human rights abuses. It all makes sense when you look at how the U.S. and the U.K. are deploying biological weapons against their own people. It makes sense because they never valued human rights ever in the history of these nations.” (Related: California bows to communist China pressure to halt a resolution on human rights.)

However, Gerber said there is still hope for the U.S. to push back against this creeping tyranny. He said both the Second Amendment and the First Amendment can help achieve this purpose, with people rising in a patriotic and nonviolent manner.

Adams added: “Divine wellness, mind and body medicine, healing, rejuvenation, abundance and freedom – all of those things are a threat to these tyrannical regimes, so they must keep people in sickness, fear and poverty.”

Watch the full Dec. 1 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” at the video below. Tune in to the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams from Monday to Friday at 3-3:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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