Nazi propaganda 2.0: Left-wing German journalist attacks the unvaccinated, calls for mandatory vaccines for all

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Image: Nazi propaganda 2.0: Left-wing German journalist attacks the unvaccinated, calls for mandatory vaccines for all

(Natural News) Germany’s dangerous propaganda against the unvaccinated intensified as journalist Sarah Fruhauf of state-funded MDR attacked the unvaccinated people and called for mandatory vaccinations.

In a manner being likened to the Nazi propaganda during the Holocaust, Fruhauf called out the unvaccinated people as culprits in the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and blamed them for the authoritarian measures being enforced by the government.

She accused the unvaccinated of mass murder, claiming they are responsible for the thousands of lost lives during the pandemic. (Related: Wave of disease spreading across Germany, central Europe despite high covid “vaccination” rates.)

“All those who refuse to get vaccinated have to live with the rebuke that they are to blame for the present situation,” said Fruhauf on primetime television.

A left-wing correspondent, Fruhauf also hit the unvaccinated for destroying Christmas and for keeping people away from their families and experiencing extended lockdowns.

“Thank you very much to all those who have not been vaccinated. Thanks to you, there is a risk of next winter in lockdown – in many places again without Christmas markets, perhaps again without the Christmas holidays in the family circle.”

Fruhauf also blamed the unvaccinated for the economic woes of business owners, accusing those who refused to be vaccinated of harming healthcare workers.

“They are responsible for society being once again under pressure and doctors and health workers being forced to perform beyond their limits,” said Fruhauf.


However, Fruhauf’s hateful tirades seemed to be out of reality as Germany’s chief virologist Christian Drosten denied the pandemic of the unvaccinated myth.

Fruhauf likened to Hitler’s Nazi propaganda machine

Observers note that Fruhauf is exploiting ordinary Germans by encouraging them to be co-producers of a false reality – just like Hitler’s Nazi propaganda machine.

Fruhauf’s dangerous unscientific attacks are dividing German society. It is dangerous to brand people – in this case the unvaccinated – as scapegoats, sources of disease or profiteers.

Historically, there have been many conclusive examples of genocidal playbook that all begin with the political and social dehumanization of the offending population.

Early last year, 94-year-old Auschwitz survivor Marian Turski gave a speech during the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation.

Turski reminded the audience that the Holocaust didn’t start with death camps. Instead, it began with propaganda, scaremongering, scapegoating, segregation and exclusion. Then, it was an easy next step to strip further.

Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD), Germany’s sole conservative party, denounced Fruhauf’s dangerous diatribe. Tobias Rausch, AfD’s media policy spokesman, said that Fruhauf’s inflammatory broadcasts contribute further to the division of society.

“If the incantatory individual opinion of an MDR employee is offered such a platform, a limit has been exceeded. Public broadcasters are obliged to report objectively and balanced manner; they are not mandated to exert or increase social pressure. The AfD condemns the increasing propaganda against unvaccinated people and especially calls on the public to report neutrally,” said Rausch.

Beatrix von Storch, the conservative party’s deputy leader, filed a criminal complaint against Frühauf. According to the complaint, the state-employed journalist violated Section 130 of the country’s criminal code. Her televised opinion is full of incitement and decidedly suitable to disturb the public peace, stated Storch.

Storch said the statements of Fruhauf attacked the dignity of the unvaccinated and caused them great harm. She called on the public prosecutor’s office to take action and demanded that those dividing society into vaccinated and unvaccinated must be stopped.

Many courageous citizens also brought criminal complaints against the taxpayers-funded propagandist. On a global scale, people across the world are fighting back against their regimes’ dangerous and discriminatory actions.

Freedom fighters have taken to the streets, protesting at their places of work and fighting in the courts to protect their freedoms.

Turski implored people to learn from the past. “If you become complacent, before you know it, some kind of Auschwitz will suddenly appear from nowhere and befall you and your descendants,” Turski said.

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