Mass media’s manufactured panic over new “super mutation” covid variant is STRANDING air passengers on jets

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Image: Mass media’s manufactured panic over new “super mutation” covid variant is STRANDING air passengers on jets

(Natural News) The deceived reprobates of this world are already freaking out about the latest alleged “variant” of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), which they are now calling “Omicron.”

At Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, passengers aboard two KLM flights returning from South Africa on Friday were forced to stay on the planes because authorities feared that they might spread the latest version of Chinese Germs to others on the ground.

Every person on board both of the flights was forcibly tested using a fraudulent PCR test. They were then forced to stay in their seats until the test results came back many hours later.

Both crew and passengers were taken by surprise with all this, as it occurred in-flight shortly before the planes touched the ground.

“The Johannesburg flight and also our Cape Town flight cannot enter the Netherlands without any restrictions,” one of the pilots was heard telling passengers in a video that one of them posted to social media (you can watch it below).

“What that means … that is what they are finding out right now.”

In another video from one of the flights (see below), a pilot is heard telling passengers that they will need to wait on the plane after landing for their test results to arrive. Nobody was allowed to disembark until that happened.

Omicron is a covid disease that afflicts only the “fully vaccinated”

On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially dubbed this new alleged strain of Chinese Germs the Omicron strain, which represents another letter in the Greek alphabet following the “Delta” variant from several months back.

Authorities claim that Omicron is more transmissible than Delta, however it is said to be less infective with milder symptoms. It also appears to only affect people who are “fully vaccinated.”

In accordance with Dutch government policy, all passengers entering the country from anywhere are required to show proof of injection or a recent “negative” test for the Chinese Flu.

“The Omicron variant has been discovered in several countries worldwide, including Botswana, Israel, and Hong Kong. The first European case was reported in Belgium on Friday,” reported RT.

“In the time before both flights touched down in Amsterdam, Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jonge banned all travel to the Netherlands from South Africa.”

According to blogger Bill Hennessy, Omicron was originally dubbed “Nu,” only to be changed by the movers and shakers of the world for some unknown reason.

Hennessy warned in a post that this was all expected to happen just in time for the Christmas holiday, which will once again be ruined by another wave of whatever it is the psychopaths in charge have planned going into year three of the never-ending plandemic.

“Here we go again … more fearmongering,” wrote one commenter at RT. “Gotta keep those toxic boosters going.”


“Hold the people on the plane while they stir up a story!” wrote another.

“A new variant of a virus that never existed in the first place? Make sense, huh?” wrote yet another. “No government or health authority have been able to provide evidence of a Covid-19 virus so far, despite being requested by courts in several countries.”

“The truth is it only exists as a construct in a database, in media and in the minds of brainwashed peoples, not as an isolated rinsed biological virus taken from a sick person and proven to cause the same sickness in animal tests through the scientific four-stepped Koch’s postulatum. It’s all a big scam staged by the criminal Bill Gates-controlled WHO. It’s nothing but a variant of a seasonal flu that’s existed since the dawn of time.”

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