Alleged suspect in Waukesha SUV incident has posted violent anti-white threats and BLM slogans and rhetoric

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Image: Alleged suspect in Waukesha SUV incident has posted violent anti-white threats and BLM slogans and rhetoric

(Natural News) LA black male suspected of plowing into participants in and spectators of a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wis., Saturday afternoon has a lengthy criminal history and is also known to spout virulent anti-white threats and Black Lives Matter materials.

“Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, a 39-year-old black male with a long criminal history, has been identified as the individual allegedly responsible for the horrific rampage in Waukesha, Wisconsin which killed at least five and injured dozens of others, some of them children,” Infowars reported Monday.


Reports noted that at least 40 other persons were injured in the melee, which some have already likened to an act of domestic terrorism as well as possible reprisal for the jury’s verdict a day earlier in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, found not guilty of murder and reckless endangerment after defending himself against armed thugs and rioters in Kenosha, Wis., more than a year ago.

The Waukesha Christmas parade person of interest has been identified as Darrell E. Brooks Jr., a Milwaukee man with a criminal history dating back to 1999 – with numerous violent felonies, court records show.

Early reports claim that the suspect may have been fleeing another crime — a “knifing” — as American Wire noted:

NBC News reported, meanwhile, that it is possible the suspect driver was fleeing from a previous incident involving a knifing, but that, too, has not yet been confirmed.

Several law enforcement sources told the network that the person of interest being questioned throughout the night may also have a “significant criminal history.”

But several people took to social media to push back on that narrative, claiming it makes little sense that a suspect fleeing a crime would drive into a heavily populated celebration sure to also be attended by police.


Also, they pointed out that the same left-wing media outlets appear to be attempting to manufacture a narrative rather than focus on the fact that the chief suspect is a black male racist — after those same outlets claimed for a year, falsely, that Rittenhouse was a “white supremacist,” “white nationalist,” “racist” “vigilante.”

Later Monday, Becker News reported that police charged Brooks in the incident, believing that he did, in fact, target the parade intentionally.

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