GENETIC HARVESTING: Covid testing firm admits to selling covid swabs containing customer DNA to third parties

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Image: GENETIC HARVESTING: Covid testing firm admits to selling covid swabs containing customer DNA to third parties

(Natural News) Cignpost Diagnostics, a government-approved supplier of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “Express Test,” has announced that it is planning to start selling swabs that contain customers’ DNA to third parties.

A U.K.-based data privacy watchdog group has launched an investigation into the development, which breaches numerous privacy laws. The company, meanwhile, claims the new profiteering endeavors is needed to “learn more about human health” in order to develop new drug products.

One major problem with all this is that Cignpost never notified anyone who took any of its swab tests about its intention. Instead, the company feigned that it was simply testing for the presence of Chinese Germs. (RELATED: At-home DNA testing kits are just as shady and believed to be part of a genetics harvesting scheme.)

Customers who took the tests were initially asked to tick a box agreeing to a 4,876-word privacy policy, which reportedly links to another document outlining the company’s “research programme.”

“Typically, analysis of sensitive medical information can only be carried out with explicit informed consent,” reported The Central London.

Cignpost, which has 71 walk-in locations across the United Kingdom, is said to have delivered as many as three million Fauci Flu tests since June 2020. Each test, of the PCR variety, costs between £35 (about $47) and £120 (about $162).

At roughly three million and counting, this means that Cignpost has raked in anywhere between $141 million and $486 million.


Is covid testing a massive DNA harvesting, profit generation scheme in disguise?

October 21 is the last time that Cignpost updated its “research programme information sheet.” The latest version indicates that the company retains customer data, including “biological samples” and “the DNA obtained from such samples.”

Cignpost also retains “genetic information derived from processing your DNA sample,” the document now reads, adding that this is done “using various technologies such as genotyping and whole or partial genome sequencing.”

Also included in the Cignpost policy document is a caveat about how customers’ DNA samples and other personal information will be shared with “collaborators” either working with the company or independently. These collaborators include universities and private companies, which Cignpost says “may receive compensation” in return for their cooperation with the scheme.

“It is unclear how many samples have been stored by Cignpost or whether they have been sold or used for any research so far, but the policy says that data belonging to all those providing a swab is retained indefinitely,” added The Central London.

Just to be clear, the $141-$486 million in profits generated by Cignpost are just for the normal testing procedure. These third-party sales of the swabs and their DNA to third parties is additional profit that the company is raking in under hidden terms in its privacy policy.

“Let me give you a clue as to what is going on here,” reported Verum Et Inventa.

“Family history companies have been taking DNA samples from people already, and the rumor is that they could be selling the info as well. The Powers That Be want to get their hands on these samples, but why? BECAUSE THEY ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE OR ONE SPECIFIC GENOME OF PEOPLE.”

What could this specific genome be? The jury is still out on that one, but more people are asking questions, at least, and that is a move in the right direction.

“And any company that does blood, urine, or other bodily fluids don’t go through China?” asked one commenter at Natural News.

“Yep, read the fine print when you go to a doctor,” responded another.

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