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Image: Mike Lindell to file a case before the Supreme Court to save the 2020 election – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Conservative activist, businessman and MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell announced that he is going to file a case before the Supreme Court on Nov. 23 in a bid to save the 2020 election from the people who stole it.

Lindell made the announcement during the Nov. 16 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams on Brighteon.TV“Nov. 23, the Supreme Court is going to have papers filed with them by the attorneys general of the United States,” said Lindell.

He is hoping that at least 20 state attorneys general will join the case. The conservative activist is also open to the possibility that some Democratic attorneys general will join.

During the interview, Lindell related that he has been fighting since November last year to get the election results overturned and have former President Donald Trump recognized as the legitimate leader of the United States.

The Health Ranger asked Lindell if he believes the American people are now more willing to accept the truth that the 2020 election was stolen because of the current situation the country is facing.

“In the time since you have been fighting so rigorously for America, the American people have been suffering more and more each day under the Biden regime,” said Adams. “With price inflation, food inflation, energy supplies getting cut, the supply chain collapsing. Are you finding now that America is increasingly ready for the message that you had packaged and ready?”

Lindell responded by telling a story about the Senate elections in Georgia, and how he prayed for the Democrats to win. He argued that if the Republicans were allowed to win fairly in Georgia, Trump’s supposed defeat in the 2020 election could have been swept under the rug.


“If that would have happened, we wouldn’t be here right now,” he said. “Everyone in the country would have said, ‘Let’s shut up about the election. Mike, let’s just get them in 2022.'”

Such a situation would not have allowed Lindell and other investigators to learn about the massive scale of election fraud that occurred during the election.

But because the Democrats took both of Georgia’s seats in the Senate, “the fear came over everyone,” said Lindell. “Everybody got engaged.”

Lindell pointed out that since the election, more people have come around to believing that the election was stolen. “When [my case] gets to the Supreme Court and they accept it, it’s going to be a great uniting of our country, not a dividing of our country,” he said.

“So many Americans are waking up right now. And there’s a togetherness now, there’s a bringing together, regardless of race or ethnicity,” said Adams. “Mr. Lindell, history is going to celebrate you, your efforts, your courage, the fact that you put it on the line.” (Related: Stolen 2020 election, or was it bought for Biden by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg? Here’s what we know.)

China helped Biden steal the election

Among the claims Lindell wants to present to the Supreme Court on Nov. 23 is the fact that the election was stolen with the help of the communist government of China.

“They’re going to see this attack, this intrusion by China. It’s over, they’ve got to do something,” Lindell said, speaking of the Supreme Court. “They’re there to protect our country. I don’t care what party they’re in, when they see this evidence, they’re going to do something about it.”

Lindell is referring to the data he has accumulated over the past few months. His 37 terabytes-worth of “irrefutable” evidence proves that hackers supported by Chinese state authorities broke into the country’s election systems and switched millions of votes from Trump to President Joe Biden.

Proving that China interfered in the election is crucial for Lindell. In the case he is building, he and the other petitioners hope to prove that the states failed to provide secure elections. This is a direct violation of Article Four of the Constitution, and a failure to provide secure elections is grounds for the Supreme Court to void election results.

Watch the full Nov. 16 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams below.

The “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams airs Monday to Friday at 3-3:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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