Democrats continue to push for mandatory lockdowns, vaccines under the guise of “following science”

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Image: Democrats continue to push for mandatory lockdowns, vaccines under the guise of “following science”

(Natural News) Nearly two years into the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Democrats continue to justify the unconstitutional lockdowns and human rights violations as “following the science.”

Environmental lobbyist Renee Parsons wrote in an article published by Global Research that Democrats “have morphed into an activist throng as the pandemic offers the perfect opportunity to distort ‘science’ in order to accomplish the final malevolent chapter of the globalist cabal’s agenda of altering Homo sapiens into a transhumanist world order.”

Parsons also hit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for perpetuating the mandatory COVID lockdowns and vaccine requirements as science-based. (Related: States that imposed lockdown have more COVID-19 deaths per million compared to no-lockdown states.)

“The CDC has a long history of offering politically inspired evidence as a facsimile for real science where the dilemma may rarely be settled,” Parsons wrote.

She also accused the CDC of deceit as it appropriated itself as the official legal enforcer of arbitrary unscientific principles as if Americans were required to unquestioningly obey its every directive, with no validating justification.

“Scientism allows local dictatorial health departments to overstep their authority as the state concedes its legal influence to unelected bureaucrats. Even once-revered peer reviewed science, where expert peers vet a scientific breakthrough, may now be suspect and no longer trusted as the credibility of a once-reliable communication process has been tainted by politics,” Parsons wrote.


American public duped into accepting lockdowns, vaccines

Parsons noted that the American public is thoroughly duped into accepting a gradual series of onerous lockdown requirements, the inoculation of a pseudo-vaccine has proven to be more of a bioweapon imposed on the public.

She also delved into the financial support being given to the CDC by a private sector of individuals, philanthropists and corporations to address public health challenges despite flagrant conflict of interest. The agency’s benefactors include some of the biggest names in Big Pharma, Fortune 500 and advanced bioscience research and technology.

The CDC cashed in the “gifts” to launch over a thousand projects, with $740 million raised as of 2017. The American Academy of Pediatrics is also on the take, with approximately $25 million in contributions from the pharmaceutical vaccine industry.

”In this age of censorship and suppression, compromised quasi-medical government agencies will not tolerate public dissent and are beyond civilian or congressional control as if they were a branch of the military-intelligence complex, which reports to no one,” Parsons wrote.

The most recent example of a misappropriation of science is the Biden administration’s renewed attack on American children when the FDA’s vaccine advisory panel was asked whether the benefits of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine outweigh its risks in the use for children five to eleven years old. There were 17 votes of approval with one abstention. (Related: CDC, FDA ready to inject children with deadly six-in-one vaccine.)

However, several members on the FDA’s panel said they are less confident in saying that every child should get the shot, or if it should only be recommended for kids at high-risk of severe disease for now, such as those who are obese, have asthma or have weakened immune systems.

“I do believe children at high risk do need to be vaccinated,” said panelist Dr. James Hildreth, president of Meharry Medical College. “But vaccinating all of the children to achieve that does seem a bit much for me.”

Most alarming were the comments by Dr. Eric Rubin, member of the panel and editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. Rubin said: “We’re never going to learn how safe the vaccine is [to children] until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.”

In other words, American children are expendable as lab specimens in an untested, unproven program in the name of speculative scientific experiments.

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