Vaccine passports DEACTIVATED for French citizens who fail to get THIRD shot… the obedience demands never end

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Image: Vaccine passports DEACTIVATED for French citizens who fail to get THIRD shot… the obedience demands never end

(Natural News) One of the first countries to introduce “vaccine passports” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is already demanding a third injection in order for people to keep their credentials up to date.

French citizens who fail to take a “booster” shot for the Fauci Flu will reportedly now be locked out of certain parts of society. This includes people who took the first two mRNA (messenger RNA) jabs but not the third, fourth and however many more are introduced in the future.

The new rule currently applies to French people over the age of 65, who are being told that their passports will be “deactivated” if they refuse to comply once they become eligible.

“The vaccine passport is required to access most entertainment and leisure venues,” reports explain.

“The French government recently announced that booster shots are available. All people over 65 are eligible for the booster shots if it has been six months since their second dose of the vaccine.”

If six months has passed and an over-65 person becomes eligible for a booster shot, he or she will have five weeks to get it before the vaccine passport is deactivated. This deactivation process will commence on December 15.

People with underlying health conditions as well as those who work in health care will also soon be eligible for a booster shot. They, too, will have to comply or else face getting shut out of society.

“The booster shots will become available to those over the age of 50 in early December.”

Up-to-date vaccine passports needed in France to buy, sell

Currently in France, a vaccine passport for the Chinese Flu is required to enter bars, restaurants, various entertainment and leisure venues and long-distance train travel.


The only way an unvaccinated person can participate in any of these things is by showing proof of a recent recovery or showing a “negative” test that was taken within 72 hours before participation.

Emmanuel Macron is, of course, behind the push. He is the one who made the announcement restricting society to only those who obey his commands.

“If you have been vaccinated more than six months ago, I encourage you to book an appointment now,” Macron announced in a speech, also laying out other plans for the remaining five months of his mandate.

Thus far, 3.3 million French residents out of the 7.7 million who are eligible have taken their third booster in obedience to Macron. After his announcement, the number of booked appointments supposedly “surged.”

When asked about reforming France’s pension system as promised, Macron told the media that this will no longer be possible before the end of his current term. It is apparently much more important to him that people get injected instead.

“The conditions are not there to restart that project today,” he pronounced. “As soon as 2022, clear decisions will have to be taken. They will be part of a democratic debate.”

Following the recent COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Macron also announced that France will begin constructing new nuclear reactors in order to “guarantee France’s energy independence” and to “reach our carbon neutrality goals.”

Macron further commended the European Union’s other leadership for getting France the Chinese Virus injections at warp speed, which he said would have otherwise not been possible.

“Our partners are not foreigners,” he bragged. “Our neighbors were confronted with the same waves [of coronavirus] that we know.”

Macron further called for the 27 EU member nations to move closer together “to better protect our external borders, to better regulate digital giants, to build a credible strategy to reduce our CO2 emissions.”

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