Green push to end coal use backfires… usage actually INCREASED in the East while being forcibly decreased in the West

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Image: Green push to end coal use backfires… usage actually INCREASED in the East while being forcibly decreased in the West

(Natural News) Efforts by “green” energy fanatics to stop all mining and burning of “dirty” coal in the West have backfired in a major way.

According to reports, the push to “greenify” Western energy habits only ended up pushing more coal usage in the East – and particularly in China, which always seems to be mysteriously exempt from “climate change” tyranny.

India is another place where coal usage is skyrocketing. A report by Bloomberg found that India now burns more coal that Europe and the United States combined, and miners are betting on rising demand over the next decade in other Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

As it turns out, trying to sell coal mines at a time when the environmental lobby wants them shut down for good is not all that attractive. Because of this, companies that own mines are choosing to keep them open.

Not only that, but China is building new coal power plants at breakneck speed. According to reports, the communist dictatorship is currently building, and has more slated to build, coal power plants with the equivalent of six times the capacity of Germany’s entire coal-burning capacity.

“New coal plants in Asia are offsetting the retired plants elsewhere,” reads the descriptor on a graph showing that Asian coal usage is skyrocketing.

“It’s tough to get rid of coal when you build more coal plants than you retire,” added Mish Talk.

COP26 turns into COP-OUT26 as world leaders soften coal “phase out” to accommodate China

At the same time that North Americans are being told they are horrible people for still using fossil fuels, China and Southeast Asia are burning more of it than ever before – and nobody is saying a thing about their usage.


In fact, the recent COP26 climate conference included a watered-down pledge that was inserted at the last minute to “phase down” rather than “phase out” the use of coal.

This seemingly small change makes all the difference for China, which will continue to grow and expand its industrial base using inexpensive coal and other fossil fuels. Meanwhile, the United States and other Western countries are being forced into “clean” energy alternatives like wind and solar that are expensive, ugly, and not very efficient.

“Credit India, with backing of China, for the watered down pledge on coal,” Mish Talk added. “That alone should tell you what you need to know.”

As we reported back in 2017, coal is necessary to produce steel. Without steel, there is no way for modern society as we know it to function.

The more the environmentalists push to eliminate coal, in other words, the more our economy, our way of life and our prosperity dwindle away to nothing. Meanwhile, China is growing by leaps and bounds and is fast-becoming a world superpower, along with India, thanks to the Asian exemption from these climate mandates.

“If you eliminate environmental penalties, coal is the cheapest reliable source of energy,” wrote one Mish Talk commenter. “So, of course 3rd world countries migrate to it. And the OECD deciding to phase out coal drives down the price of coal.”

“Failure of COP26 was the best possible result we could have,” wrote another. “What a joke.”

“The delusions of grandeur of John Kerry and his cretinous retinue, thinking they are ‘saving the planet.’ The reality is that the Earth’s climate is completely ho-hum, and in fact considerably cooler and with lower atmospheric CO2 than average. Mother Nature must be scratching her pretty little head at this utter nonsense.”

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