Looting and violence become a normal way of life in lawless, morally bankrupt, Democrat-run cities

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Image: Looting and violence become a normal way of life in lawless, morally bankrupt, Democrat-run cities

(Natural News) The modern-day Democrat Party does not believe in Constitutional order, let alone the rule of law. This has been repeatedly demonstrated throughout 2020 and 2021. Pandering to the radical left, mainstream Democrats have embraced anti-cop rhetoric and a “de-fund the police” movement that only encourages more crime and lawlessness. Without standards to live by, Democrat leadership has emboldened moral relativism and provided aid and encouragement to inner city riots and organized crime. Consequentially, looting has become a normal way of life in Democrat-run cities. On any given day, looters and thieves steal more than 100 million dollars’ worth of merchandise from retailers. An estimated 45 billion in merchandise is stolen every year. Much of the merchandise is resold online or pawned off.

Democrats make laws more lenient for shoplifting, causing spike in property-related crime

Recently in Connecticut, retail employees stood by and watched as criminals loaded up their cars with stolen merchandise. One employee warned another employee not to stop the crime because he could be fired for doing so. The group of looters were never confronted. No one even dared to call the police. Weeks later, the same group of looters were caught on video again, wheeling big screen televisions out another store’s front door. Again, nothing is done to stop them. The group will most likely continue their looting spree because they no longer fear confrontation from store employees, citizens or law enforcement. Even worse, laws have been made more lenient in Democrat-run cities, allowing criminals to get off with a slap on the wrist.


“Many states have increased the threshold of what constitutes a felony, which has had the unintended consequence of allowing criminals to steal more without being afraid of stronger penalties related to felony charges,” the National Retail Federation reports. “Nearly two-thirds of retailers report that they’ve seen an increase in the average ORC case value” in the Democrat-ran states that have made laws more lenient on shoplifters.

According to the trade association, the worst cities for organized retail crime include Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, New York and Miami. Surveillance cameras routinely capture theft now, and nothing is done to hold the criminals accountable. The crimes have become so rampant, law enforcement cannot respond to every call. Some criminals target vulnerable people inside the store before following them home to catch them off guard and haul away their recent purchases. This is occurring daily on the streets of Los Angeles, a city that de-funded its police and made excuses for violent property-crime.

A prosperous society cannot exist without moral truth and laws that hold violent offenders accountable

In some Democratic utopias, city officials have to be escorted home due to rising levels of violence. After gutting its police force and demoralizing law enforcement, Seattle has become one of the most dangerous cities to live in. The city cannot even protect its own employees; security guards are now escorting city employees to and from work. Good parenting and strong leadership teaches children and young adults to respect another person’s property — to work hard and pay for one’s own keep.

A peaceful, free and prosperous society cannot exist without clearly defined morals and standards. America was once a nation of laws, but one of the major political parties no longer believes in right and wrong. Democrats believe people should do what feels good, even if that means taking someone else’s property, burning someone’s business down or harming their family. The depreciation of the rule of law is preceded by the depreciation of moral truth. When leaders are too cowardly to stand for justice, truth and Christian principles, the fabric of society begins to unravel. Human rights are no longer respected. Violence becomes the norm. If the people do not turn from their evil, wicked ways, a total breakdown of society occurs, reaping pain and misery until repentance occurs.

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