Ireland experiencing highest number of new covid infections in Europe despite also having highest percentage of adults “fully vaccinated”

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Image: Ireland experiencing highest number of new covid infections in Europe despite also having highest percentage of adults “fully vaccinated”

(Natural News) At least 90 percent of Ireland’s adult population is now “fully vaccinated” against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Despite this, Ireland currently leads the pack in terms of new Chinese Virus infections.

How can this be if the jabs supposedly work at stopping the spread? The answer is they don’t. If anything, the injections are making people’s health worse than if they had just left their immune systems alone to do the job naturally.

The Irish put their faith in Tony Fauci instead of God Almighty, and now they are paying the price with a new “wave” of hospitalizations and deaths that can be directly attributed to the shots.

With an adult population that is 92 percent fully jabbed, Ireland currently holds the top spot for injection compliance across the entire European Union. Ireland also has the most hospitalizations for “covid” out of any other country in Europe.

According to the latest figures, Wuhan Flu hospitalizations jumped from 439 last week to 513 this week, a 17 percent increase. Of these 513 cases, 97 of them, or about 19 percent, are in intensive care (ICU).

Lancet study confirms that fully vaccinated are spreading delta variant to family members

Dr. Anne Moore, a vaccine specialist at University College Cork, is saying that the spread of vaccine-induced illness in Ireland will not subside until, get this: more vaccines are introduced.

She calls these new novel injections “transmission-blocking vaccines,” meaning they have to correct the damage caused by the first vaccines. Somehow this will “flatten the curve” and end the plandemic.


“We will eventually have to boost the rest of the population … because we are going to see a huge increase in the number of cases,” Moore added in a statement.

It was recently reported in The Lancet that people who get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan Flu are more likely than the unvaccinated to spread the “delta variant” to their family members.

More than 600 people living in the United Kingdom were tracked for the research. Those who received the full injection schedule for the Fauci Flu were observed to lose their immunity in as little as three months.

The unvaccinated, meanwhile, have lasting immunity that keeps them safe and protected against infection for an indefinite period of time as nature intended.

This is evident on a micro scale in the Irish town of Waterford, which is 99.7 percent fully vaccinated. As we reported, Waterford is now seeing a massive surge in new cases of infection, many of which require hospitalization and result in death.

Waterford’s infection rate, it is important to note, is “three times the national average,” according to The Irish Times. This makes sense as it is also Ireland’s most vaccinated enclave.

In Singapore, which is not that far behind Ireland with an 80 percent vaccination rate, new cases of the Chinese Virus are likewise soaring. And here in New England, which is America’s most vaccinated region, there is a similar surge in novel coronavirus cases.

“Singapore, despite one of the world’s highest levels of vaccination, is battling a big surge in Covid cases,” tweeted author and commentator Brahma Chellaney. “So, it’s a bit ironic that it is belatedly easing entry restrictions on travelers from India, which has one of the lowest infection rates, as measured per 100,000 people.”

Even so, health authorities all around the world continue to hound people to get injected with these deadly poisons, claiming they are still “our best defense” against the Chinese Flu.

“We know these Mengele Injections are not, nor ever were, so-called vaccines,” noted one commenter at LifeSiteNews.

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