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Image: America Unhinged: Dr. Bryan Ardis talks about his fight against the murderous COVID agenda – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Texas chiropractor Dr. Bryan Ardis talked about his fight against the murderous Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) agenda pushed on Americans during the Nov. 2 episode of “America Unhinged” with Dr. John Diamond on Brighteon.TV.

Ardis’ guesting on “America Unhinged” was part of the show’s Brighteon.TV week.

Diamond said: “It’s become pretty popular that it’s actually going to be two weeks now. I’ve had so many of the hosts respond and want to be a part of this. My primary objective for these two weeks is to let my audience know of all the great hosts that are out there.”

The “America Unhinged” host added that by having Brighteon.TV hosts on the program, his audience “will understand the amount of people that are rising up to push back tyranny.”

Diamond then gave the floor to Ardis, host of “The Dr. Ardis Show” every Wednesday morning on Brighteon.TV. Ardis told the theologian: “The purpose of my show is to actually educate and bring inspiration to individuals in making healthy decisions for themselves. That’s really the primary reason why I do what I do.

“I have been in practice … since 2004 and all I did was spend every day, one-on-one, with patients helping to analyze and look for the underlying cause for their symptoms and their diseases. These actual patients, these innocent Americans were already told that the symptoms or the diseases that they lived with were going to be lifelong. Most of them were inherited [or] genetic, [and] there was nothing they could do but just drug those symptoms or have their organs removed.


“The truth was 95 percent of the time, those are all lies. I actually had to re-educate the patient on how their God-created body had the ability to either [detoxify or] kill off infections that were causing their symptoms and then repair their organs. That’s what I did for the last 20 years.”

Death of father-in-law pushed Ardis to stand up

According to Ardis, the death of a relative pushed him to stand firm against medical tyranny. He told Diamond: “All of this came to light as a result of what happened to my father-in-law in early February 2020, when he was murdered with ill-advised hospital protocols that were unrelated to COVID-19.

“That was just a few months before [Dr.] Anthony Fauci introduced what the protocols in hospitals for COVID-19 were going to be. I knew immediately that these were set up to be murderous protocols. So when the COVID-19 pandemic started, when the mandated protocols and treatments in hospitals were started, I knew that there was going to be a great cover-up and a conspiracy to injure a lot of people. (Related: Dr. Ardis reveals hospitals’ COVID “death protocol” to Jeff and Shady – Brighteon.TV.)

“Fauci could promote that this virus was deadly on the world, which is was never as deadly as he promoted. He was going to use innocent Americans as an example to promote a new vaccine. They were going to come out with that.”

The chiropractor also voiced out his opposition to COVID-19 vaccination for children, a sentiment he first said during his Oct. 25 appearance on “America Unhinged.”

He told Diamond that time: “The Food and Drug Administration is deciding to vote on and mandate COVID-19 vaccines [on] all children in America – and it’s horrific. You should not be okay with them actually pumping these vaccines and mandating [them for] children. They try to coerce, they try to bully and they have been attempting to shame everyone in America into getting these COVID-19 shots.” (Related: Dr. Bryan Ardis: FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine for kids despite being aware of its risks – Brighteon.TV.)

Ardis reiterated his stance during his Nov. 2 appearance on Diamond’s show.

“There’s not a single shred of belief, observation or data, that these are completely 100 percent safe and effective. They are murdering children and they don’t care. I just cannot stand child abuse, the maiming and injuring of children. These people are innocent; these children are. God put them on this earth [and He] created them perfectly,” Ardis said.

“How many Christians in this country right now are putting more faith in men and what they create in a lab to inject into your body? You should have way more faith in God. Shame on anybody … who thinks man can make their grandchild’s immunity better. Really, you think God screwed up on day six? He never did.”

Watch the full Nov. 2 episode of “America Unhinged” with guest Dr. Bryan Ardis below. “America Unhinged” with John Diamond airs every weekday morning from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Brighteon.TV. has more articles about the medical system’s tyranny Dr. Bryan Ardis is fighting against.

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