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Image: General Flynn urges pastors to defend the Constitution from the pulpit – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Former National Security Advisor and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn told host Pastor David Scarlett during the Oct. 29 episode of “HIS Glory” on Brighteon.TV that Christian pastors should not be afraid of using the pulpits in their congregations to defend the Constitution.

The general talked about the different ways people can serve their country.

Flynn believes the one thing Christians can do is to uphold the Constitution at all times. Flynn made this comment as he was talking about the Johnson Amendment, a provision in America’s tax code that prevents nonprofit organizations from either endorsing or opposing political candidates.

“Johnson took the ability from our religious, faith-based leaders – their ability to talk about politics because of this Johnson Amendment,” said Flynn. He pointed out that former President Lyndon Johnson created the amendment in the tax code “out of vindictiveness because of a pastor in his own community that went against him when he was trying to run for Congress.”

“Well, pastors, you can talk about the Constitution from the pulpit,” said Flynn. “You can clearly talk about the Constitution from the pulpit. Do not be afraid. In fact, be fearless about it,” Flynn said. “Those pastors who have spoken up about our Constitution in there and the abilities that the Constitution gives us, their congregations have grown. And we need more of them to do more of that.”

Scarlett, a pastor himself, said: “I keep the Constitution with me everywhere I go. And this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, the Bible, the Ten Commandments. And we, as pastors, have to stand in the gap. We have to tell the truth.”


Flynn pointed out that many Christians go to Church on Sunday and perhaps go to a Bible study meeting, and then afterward “they just go home and go about their daily life.”

“Maybe that’s okay, if your daily life includes serving our nation in some small capacity, with whatever capability that God has given you,” said Flynn. But for many other Christians, Flynn said they need to do more.

“People come up to me all the time and they tell me – they give me some excuse about how they didn’t serve in the military. Look, not everybody is designed to serve in the United States Armed Forces, not everybody’s designed to serve in the military unless we have to for the good of the country. We don’t have a draft, we have an all-volunteer force,” Flynn said.

“Don’t worry about not serving in the military. How do you serve yourself? How do you serve your community? How do you serve in your congregation?”

Flynn: Be wary of the deep state

In mid-October, Flynn went on “Tucker Carlson Today” on Fox News to talk about how powerful America’s deep state has become.

Flynn told Carlson that former President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned future generations about the potential of the military-industrial complex to be co-opted by deep state actors.

“If you fast forward to today, 2021, you can add a component to that,” said Flynn of today’s national security apparatus. “The security state of this country has grown probably by five times in the last 25 to 30 years.” (Related: Archbishop Vigano: “The vaccine victims are sacrificed at the altar of Moloch.” We are in a war of good vs evil, the deep state and deep church conspire against humanity.)

Flynn said the Defense Intelligence Agency had around 3,000 employees in the early 2000s. When former President Barack Obama appointed Flynn to be the director of the agency in 2012, the office had ballooned to about 20,000 employees.

“I think what happened was, over time, this security-state complex really joined with this military-industrial complex that Eisenhower talked about,” said Flynn. “These are big structures. And they’re unwieldy.”

Flynn also said that he believes the U.S. is controlled by two separate governments. “We have the one that actually gets elected and goes into office. And then you have a government inside of Washington, D.C. that operates under no rules, no authorities other than their own,” said Flynn.

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