Now pharmacies are shutting down due to worker shortages … how will they keep the American masses medicated?

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Image: Now pharmacies are shutting down due to worker shortages … how will they keep the American masses medicated?

(Natural News) Numerous Walgreens pharmacy locations in the Des Moines metropolitan area are reducing their hours, closing on the weekends, or shutting their doors entirely on random days due to worker shortages.

Signs posted on the windows of these pharmacies explain that “pharmacist staffing issues in the Des Moines Metro area” are to blame for the issues, which are preventing some locals from getting their prescriptions.

“When I tried to pick up my prescription at the Ingersoll location the other day, I was met with a ‘closed’ sign during normal business hours,” Linh Ta, a reporter from Axios, explained.

In some areas of the city and nationwide, this person wrote, patients are having to wait much longer to get their drugs – sometimes for more than a day. This could prove dire for those who need certain prescriptions in order to live.

“Local experts say it’s a sign of the burnout pharmacy staff may be feeling,” Ta further writes.

Many pharmacists are having to take on more duties than ever before, thanks to the Biden regime’s mass vaccination push for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Not only are pharmacists having to administer these injections, but they are also having to administer test after test after test – with no end in sight, thanks to Biden.

Lindsey Ludwig, the executive director of a local pharmacy network known as CPESN, told Axios that the demand for injections and tests, likely due to employee mandates spurred by Biden, are showing “no signs of slowing down.”


This is especially true with the latest push for Biden “Booster” shots, which are additional injections on top of the one (Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca) or two (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) that they already received in order to become “fully vaccinated.”

Will Big Pharma’s profit machine collapse due to no more workers dispensing its drugs?

Worker burnout is another major issue, according to Democratic lawmaker John Forbes, who owns a local pharmacy in Urbandale called Medicap.

Forbes says a pharmacist from a local chain told him that she now has to fill about 800 prescriptions per day, which is an exceptionally high amount even with adequate staff. Unfortunately, she no longer has adequate staff.

“High-stress working conditions are particularly consequential for pharmacists, who must accurately fulfill prescriptions,” Ta further explains about the situation. “He suspects some who planned to retire went ahead and did so earlier than planned.”

Finding replacement staff for short pharmacies is more of a challenge than it is for other industries because pharmacy workers require special training, education and licensing, which take a lot of time.

While technicians at pharmacies can legally administer the Biden Shots, many will not do so at the current pay rate of between $14-$20 an hour, especially amid skyrocketing inflation.

According to Ta, pharmacies will need to raise their technician pay rate 10-20% in order to entice new people into the flailing industry.

Independent pharmacies are reportedly faring better than the chains, but Walgreens seems to have its own unique set of other problems that are keeping people away.

Walgreens is trying to fix this by offering new technicians a starting pay rate of $15 per hour and a $1,250 sign-on bonus. Time will tell if this is an effective strategy.

“All vaccines are biological weapons,” wrote one Natural News commenter, suggesting that a lack of people to administer them might actually be a good thing for public health.

According to Forbes, things will get ironed out eventually. His message to patients is, ironically, to just “be patient.”

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