HYPOCRITES: Climate change conference will use coal-powered charging stations and diesel generators to charge electric vehicles

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Image: HYPOCRITES: Climate change conference will use coal-powered charging stations and diesel generators to charge electric vehicles

(Natural News) There are not enough electric vehicle charging stations in Glasgow, Scotland to power the supposedly green cars that will transport heads of state and other VIPs around the city during the United Nations’ 2021 Climate Change Conference, or COP26. Instead of using the coal-powered electric vehicle charging stations, some of the cars will instead be charged using diesel generators.

The COP26 climate change summit is set to begin on Oct. 31 and will last for almost two weeks until Nov. 12. More than 120 heads of state and their respective delegations are set to attend and commit to even more unrealistic climate policies, similar to those outlined in the 2015 Paris Agreement.

To transport the VIPs around Glasgow, the event’s organizers have procured around 240 electric vehicles from British automobile company Jaguar Land Rover, including I-Pace SUVs. (Related: The Chinese Communist Party is behind a U.S. ‘climate change’ activism conference.)

But the entire city of around 610,000 residents has fewer than 250 electric vehicle charging points, or about one for every 23 electric vehicles in Glasgow. It should be noted that these charging stations are powered at least partially by coal.

The arrival of the 240 electric vehicles to be used by COP26 VIPs will only make the demand for electric vehicle charging infrastructure surge. To make sure that the vehicles of the heads of state and their delegations have power at all times, the electric vehicle fleet has to be recharged using diesel generators.

A spokesman for COP26 has admitted that the diesel generators will be necessary, but he insisted that they would run on renewable hydrogenated vegetable oil derived from food waste products like chip fat rather than on actual diesel.


“World leaders will be provided with EVs for the duration of their stay,” said the spokesman.

Organizers are still finalizing the number of diesel generators and where they will be placed in the city. But there is speculation that some of them could be placed as far away as 47 miles outside of the city.

COP26 organizers claim they will offset carbon emitted by the electric vehicles

The British government has also confirmed the plan to ferry VIPs around in Jaguar Land Rover SUVs powered by diesel despite it insisting that “sustainability will be at the core of COP26.”

The government claimed the SUVs have been procured from existing fleets of vehicles in the U.K., “helping ensure the carbon footprint remains low.”

“The U.K. will be offsetting all carbon emissions associated with running the event,” said the COP26 spokesperson. “We are aiming to achieve ISO 20121 certification, which will address all aspects of sustainability of the event including carbon, waste management and supply chain management. We are working with sustainability consultants on this effort.”

The spokesperson continued: “COP26 will be a carbon-neutral event and we will be the first COP to achieve validation using the PAS2060 international standard on carbon-neutrality.”

These statements from the British government and COP26 organizers have been met with skepticism, even from other climate activists.

Colin Howden, director of Transform Scotland, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “sustainable transportation,” called the British government “disgraceful.”

“Governments are great at pretending to take action on sustainable transport, but this reveals the complete lack of preparedness for the wholesale switch away from fossil fuel cars that we require,” said Howden.

Instead of using the electric vehicles powered by coal and diesel generators, Howden insisted that world leaders should instead use Glasgow’s fleet of electric buses.

COP26 will be held at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow, an exhibition center. Along with the 120 heads of state, around 25,000 people are expected to come to the event as conference participants and protesters.

The event’s carbon output is expected to be massive. Apart from the electric vehicles that will be powered using coal and diesel generators, a huge security operation is in the works to ensure the safety of the VIPS.

This security operation, codenamed Operation Urram, will involve the deployment of around 10,000 police officers and 200 police dogs each day. Many of the police officers will be flown in from England.

Operation Urram also puts the British Armed Forces and the coast guard on high alert for potential threats.

The Queen of England is even expected to attend a banquet for the world leaders attending the event.

It is unclear how exactly the event’s organizers plan to offset all the supposedly dangerous carbon that will be emitted during the event.

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