Victoria, Australia, says unvaccinated residents should be forced to “opt out” of health care entirely and “let nature take its course”

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Image: Victoria, Australia, says unvaccinated residents should be forced to “opt out” of health care entirely and “let nature take its course”

(Natural News) Dr. Roderick McRae, the president of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) in Victoria, has a message for the unvaccinated: just go die already.

In a statement, McRae said unequivocally that he believes all “covid deniers” and “anti-vaxxers” should just opt out of the public health care system entirely if they “catch” the Chinese Virus. Rather than be allowed to receive any care, he added, covid deniers and anti-vaxxers should be forced to “let nature take its course.”

After Victoria reached a “fully vaccinated” threshold of greater than 70 percent of its over-16 population, officials lifted many of the oppressive restrictions that have been in place for a while now. Victoria’s “case” numbers are still high, though.

People like McRae feel as though it is better to be injected than not injected when it comes to alleviating the burden on local hospitals. This is in spite of the fact that most of the people flooding hospital emergency rooms are “fully vaccinated.”

Even so, the politically correct narrative is that the fully vaccinated are healthier than ever before while the unvaccinated are supposedly dying all over the streets. Based on this false claim, McRae and others are issuing statements of hate against the non-compliant.

“Within the public hospitals, the knees are knocking as restrictions ease, because the situation is stressed to the point that tents are going up outside of the public hospitals to facilitate the removal of ill patients from ambulances, so those ambulances can go and get the next patient,” McRae stated, blaming the unvaccinated for this alleged phenomenon.


Branch Covidians only want to “save” the lives of people who agree with them

McRae went on to bring up the elderly, many of whom have been “double vaccinated,” he says, who cannot get their “knee replacement” or other surgeries done because hospitals are too busy dealing with “covid.”

“These patients continue to suffer some pain or disability for a longer period of time, and they’re often patients who’ve been double vaccinated, they’re elderly, and they’ve done everything right,” McRae says.

“But their knee replacement is being delayed and the public hospital waiting lists are growing. We’re all juggling everything the best we can to avoid and prevent deaths.”

Even though all the available data shows that the fully vaccinated are the ones flooding hospitals and taking up beds, McRae has decided to adopt his own “truth” that blames this surge in hospitalizations on the unvaccinated.

“We know as we reopen it’s the unvaccinated who are going to get covid, and they are going to get great hospital treatment with many new experimental drugs, even though they think the vaccine is ‘experimental,'” McRae added in derangement.

“A whole lot of these people are passionate disbelievers that the virus even exists. And they should notify their nearest and dearest and ensure there’s an advanced care directive that says, ‘If I am diagnosed with this disease caused by a virus that I don’t believe exists, I will not disturb the public hospital system, and I’ll let nature run its course.'”

Such rhetoric is exceptionally tiresome at this point, but it must work on some people because plandemic liars like McRae continue to spew it. Fortunately, not everyone in the government agrees with McRae, including Victoria’s deputy premier James Merlino.

“I can understand the sentiment but that’s not the way we operate,” Merlino told ABC (Australia) radio the other day, rejecting McRae’s callous comments that are unrepresentative of all government officials. “We need to care for every single Victorian.”

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