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Image: David Wilcock shares cosmic wisdom with the Health Ranger – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Author and unidentified flying object (UFO) expert David Wilcock shared cosmic wisdom as he joined the Health Ranger Mike Adams on the Oct. 15 edition of the “Health Ranger Report” on Brighteon.TV. Wilcock emphasizes that his ideas are needed now more than ever, with government leaders and members of the mainstream media keeping people in a state of fear and confusion.

Wilcock relates how he’s able to pick up cosmic information from extraterrestrial beings. He says that since he was young, he has had dreams of aliens and UFOs. Wilcock adds that these dreams have oftentimes played out in real life.

“I had very vivid dreams all my life. When I got out of college, I started writing them down every morning for four years, which in and of itself is quite a feat. Most people don’t remember their dreams,” Wilcock says.

“What I discovered after reading a few books on it and really getting into the practice was that information is conveyed in a dream that is beyond space and time. I started to become aware [that] in these dreams, there was a focal point of intelligence that wanted to communicate with me about UFOs.”

Wilcock then shares two of his dreams that feature UFOs conveying some sort of knowledge. “I had a dream where a UFO flew overhead. Something shoots out of the bottom … and then when it hit the ground, it was a telephone. It starts ringing and I’m supposed to pick it up in another dream. So obviously, a telephone from the UFO implies that whoever was in it wanted to talk to me,” he says.


Another dream involves Wilcock looking at an extraterrestrial being. All of the books on UFOs he has read suddenly fly out from behind the alien. “Each of the books was something that I had read in the last four or five years. I had the full knowledge of all the content of each book as they flew by. It was this massive surge of incredible data and information that was showing me an overview of all the stuff that I’d been reading,” the author elaborates.

Cosmic signs also push people to question the current reality

Adams asks Wilcock: “Did these dreams have a quality of hyper-realism, or what I would call enhanced resolution beyond what the physical eye could possibly achieve?”

Wilcock replies in the affirmative, adding that people’s consciousness in these dreams “is much faster than the speed of thinking.” This allows them to take in more information, he continues.

The Health Ranger adds: “When you train yourself to question reality in your dream, it does something to awaken your mental state. You begin to question that reality, which is the right thing to do – especially today with all the artificial news, the artificial world and the control grid. You can … and you should question that.”

Wilcock also brings up the concept of attunement, first introduced by medium Carla Ruckert in the book “The Law of One.” The term commonly means “to bring into harmony with” – in Wilcock’s case, harmonizing with higher sources.

The UFO expert then gives his definition of attunement. “Attunement is where you expose yourself to sacred teachings, which include any sacred texts like the Bible. When we’re engaged in a spiritual seeking process, the answers can come in strange ways.” (Related: David Wilcock slams GAIA for promoting “Luciferian” worship with Ancient Civilizations broadcasts.)

“So much of what the media does is really about keeping you hyper-focused in this crisis of the now, instead of allowing you to let go of this fake crisis and get information from other places that are rooted in truth,” Adams adds. (Related: CNN admits to terrorizing America with fear-mongering and crisis programming.)

Watch the full Oct. 15 episode of the “Health Ranger Report” below. Tune in to “Health Ranger Report” with Mike Adams from Monday to Friday at 3-3:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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