Instagram censors scientist for posting study showing men are physically stronger than women

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Image: Instagram censors scientist for posting study showing men are physically stronger than women

(Natural News) Evolutionary biologist Colin Wright has been censored by Instagram after posting a chart from a respected scientific journal illustrating how men are biologically stronger than women at a variety of sports – and that even applies to men who have received gender transitioning treatment.

Sadly, we live in a world where discussing scientific facts – whether you’re referring to the reality that people are born either male or female from a biological standpoint or you’re discussing someone’s documented COVID-19 vaccine-related blood clots – is enough to get you censored on social media.

The platform removed his post, which contained a chart that was published in the journal Medicine & Sports as part of a peer-reviewed study entitled, Transgender Women in the Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on Testosterone Suppression and Performance Advantage.

The study, which was carried out by researchers from the University of Manchester and Karolinska University, determined that biological males have clear performance advantages over biological females in many popular Olympic sports.

The biggest performance gaps were seen in sports that entail extensive upper body contributions. For example, the gap between the fastest recorded serve in tennis was 20 percent, while the gaps between the fastest recorded pitches in baseball were greater than 50 percent. Vertical jump performance was found to be 33 percent greater in elite men than women. Field hockey, weightlifting, golf, volleyball, cricket, pole vaulting and handball were some of the other sports with gaps where males had a strong advantage over females; smaller gaps were seen in sports like rowing, swimming and track running, although they were still higher than 10 percent.


The current criteria for including transgender women in female sports is testosterone suppression below 10 nmol/L in the 12 months preceding the competition. Unfortunately, they discovered that this does not do enough to level the playing field, particularly in sports where muscle mass is an important component of performance.

The study is one of many to prove this advantage and illustrate that the use of typical testosterone suppression methods fails to eliminate it. Even after undergoing three years of hormone therapy, the study posted by Wright found that transgender women retain strength advantages over biological women.

How are facts “hate speech”?

These may sound like scientific facts to many of us, but to the woke censors at Facebook-owned Instagram, it’s “hate speech.” Wright’s post was taken down, and although the notice said he could appeal their decision if he wanted to, they ultimately did not give him that option and claimed the post had already been “reviewed.”

Interestingly, he pointed out on Twitter that the study’s first author is a trans woman, making the idea that it is hate speech feel like even more of a stretch since one can assume the post was censored because the woke team at Instagram somehow felt it was damaging to trans women.

The study’s finding is similar to one published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Both of these studies were published prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, where the first openly transgender athlete to take part in an individual event competed in women’s weightlifting for New Zealand. Both studies concluded that testosterone suppression does very little to reduce the performance advantage biological men have over biological women in a range of sports.

Wright has said that he believes that children should compete in sports with people of their own sex but is “extremely careful” not to post anything that may be construed as mean-spirited. Of course, it doesn’t matter how careful you are; the censors make up the rules as they go along.

None of this is terribly surprising. After all, Instagram has labeled pro-life speech “hate speech” and Christian worship videos “harmful or false information.” However, it is extremely disappointing that social media platforms continue to get away with censoring people who share opinions that go against their liberal agenda, even when their posts are filled with scientifically proven facts.

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