Make preparations now: Federal agency says heating your home this winter is going to cost a LOT more, especially in red states

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Image: Make preparations now: Federal agency says heating your home this winter is going to cost a LOT more, especially in red states

(Natural News) We’ve been reporting for weeks on the worsening supply chain crisis that may have been caused, primarily, by global shutdowns thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic but which has been made worse in the United States by pathetically inept leadership from our mindless president, Joe Biden.

The only thing the left is really good at is destroying systems, and after allowing parts of the country to remain shut down for far too long and then creating a labor shortage by paying out overly generous unemployment benefits — literally paying people not to work — we now have a situation in America where we can’t get goods to market.

There are literally hundreds of cargo ships waiting off ports on both coasts because there aren’t enough dockworkers, truck drivers, machine operators, and others up and down the supply chain to get those vessels off-loaded and then products moved to increasingly empty store shelves. And at the point of sale, retailers are having trouble finding enough workers to fill open shifts and positions.

Meanwhile, our ‘Transportation’ secretary, Pete Buttigieg, has been out of the office for months on paternity leave as he and his husband cared for a pair of newborns they welcomed into their lives. We don’t have a problem at all with these lifestyle choices, but when there is a supply chain crisis brewing that affects literally the entire country and you are the official appointed to deal with it, you have to make some sacrifices and get your backside into the office to get the problem solved.


In any event, one commodity that is in short supply — again, thanks to Biden’s pathetically inept economic policies — is heating oil, with stocks reaching their lowest levels just as winter approaches (though a cynical person would likely think such a shortage was intentional).

And The Epoch Times adds that officials are already saying massive price increases are coming:

The average heating cost for a U.S. household is forecasted to see a double-digit increase this winter, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) in its October winter fuels outlook.

Retail energy prices are expected to approach “multiyear highs” due to supply and demand changes following the pandemic, as well as a colder winter ahead.

Forecasted cost hikes include propane by 54 percent, heating oil costs by 43 percent, natural gas costs by 30 percent, and electricity costs by 6 percent.

With natural gas consumption projected to rise by 3 percent this winter, households are expected to spend $746 this winter, up from $573 the previous winter.

The natural gas price increases will vary by region this year, but the Midwest is looking at hikes of about 45 percent — the highest in the country — over last year’s rates. In the Northeast, meanwhile, price increases are going to average about 14 percent.

And again, a cynical person might surmise that left-wing market forces are going to punish red Midwestern states more than deep blue Northeastern states.

“Nearly half of all U.S. households use natural gas as the primary source of heating. Households relying on heating oil over winter will spend $1,734 over the winter, relative to $1,212 the previous year,” The Epoch Times reported.

And heating oils and natural gas prices are coming along with hikes at the gas pump, again thanks to Biden: The average price for a gallon of gas this year compared to last year when Trump’s energy independence policies were still in effect are more than than a dollar per gallon higher.

So — is there any good news to come out of this? Yes, according to “Natural gas production is set for a significant increase over the next year thanks to the current imbalance between demand and supply, which has pushed prices to record highs, Reuters’ John Kemp reports, citing energy traders.”

“Meanwhile, however, gas supply for this winter season will be tight, Kemp also said.”

Never forget: Trump had our country at full energy independence and fuels were at their lowest prices in decades. Biden has ruined that. Maybe these new energy bills will open some eyes.

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