“Ivermectin” is the word that shall not be uttered in the Australian parliament

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Image: “Ivermectin” is the word that shall not be uttered in the Australian parliament

(Natural News) While speaking during a recent House hearing, Australian Member of Parliament (MP) Craig Kelly blasted a fellow politician for trying to silence him for uttering the prohibited word ivermectin.

After the other politician requested that Kelly be silenced, only to be denied his request, Kelly got up and put him in his place, explaining that the amendment on the table is directly related to ivermectin and other currently prohibited remedies for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

“The second reading amendment is narrow in its focus on the industry aspects of the pandemic,” the objecting politician stated against Kelly.

“It doesn’t allow the member to speak about ivermectin, a drug which the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has asked Australians not to use and suggested that it not be imported for the purposes of dealing with covid.”

“Questions such as these are clearly outside of the issues that are before the House. The member has many other opportunities to raise questions such as this. He might make a 90-second statement. He might speak in the …,” this person continued on to state, only to be cut off by the man in charge of keeping order, who responded concerning Kelly:

“Let’s let the member be relevant.”

At this point, Kelly thanked the House and proceeded to explain that based on the relevance rule, his amendment absolutely pertains to ivermectin and other matters related to the plandemic.

“Just on the relevance rule, let’s be very clear about what this amendment says: It condemns the coalition government for its continued failure to back Australian industry and innovation, and to deal with the challenges arising from the pandemic,” Kelly stated.


“That is exactly what I am speaking about! You come into this chamber and want to silence debate on one of the most important issues ever facing our country? Shame on you!” he went on to shout – be sure to watch a clip of Kelly’s speech below:

Let the people have ivermectin!

Clearly upset at this attempt at censorship against him, Kelly proceeded to make it “absolutely crystal clear” that the crusade against ivermectin and other remedies outside of “vaccines” and masks is impeding the health of Australians and the Australian economy.

“It is absolutely crystal clear that what I am debating is directly relevant to this bill, and how dare you stand up and try and silence debate in the House because of some ideological view that you may have,” Kelly stated to the man who tried to silence him.

“I am directly talking about the government’s continued failure to back Australian industry and innovation, and I am talking about Australian innovation that we have let slip through our fingers that is 100 percent directly relevant to this bill.”

If only more politicians were like Kelly and willing to speak out as he has, perhaps the world would not be in the mess it is currently in. Many more lives could have been saved, and anyone wanting to use ivermectin or any other remedy to stay healthy would be free to do so without government interference.

“Now there are some names and faces for indictments for crimes against humanity,” noted one Citizen Free Press commenter about the man who tried to silence Kelly.

“Ivermectin prophylaxis is virtually 100% effective,” wrote another.

“For those who’ve already been jabbed, how do you avoid an ADE death? COVID prophylaxis. What about the nGO? Ivermectin, NAC, Zn, C, D3 – basically the same regimen that you would follow to defeat COVID. Ivermectin on its own stops nGO crystal growth in hydrogels.”

You can learn more about the benefits of ivermectin over “vaccines” and masks by visiting Pandemic.com.

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