Beware the coming ’round up’ as the demonization of free thinkers is launched into full swing after more than 100 million Americans fell for one of ‘the most fatal delusions of all time’

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Image: Beware the coming ’round up’ as the demonization of free thinkers is launched into full swing after more than 100 million Americans fell for one of ‘the most fatal delusions of all time’

(Natural News) The September story over at The Mirror said it all for those who have politely and with great wisdom declined to take the mRNA injection the globalists have for months now been pushing in our faces.

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While Mahatma Gandhi, once revered by the left, once said “Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time. Conscientious objectors to vaccination should stand alone, if need be, against the whole world, in defense of their conviction”, the ‘new left’ in 2021 says of those who refuse the still-experimental injection.:

‘Anti-vaxxers want to kill your babies, stage a coup and cause another lockdown.’ 

These people are terrorists who’d happily kill us all for a false ideology, says Fleet Street Fox. 

Anyone who objects to vaccines, folic acid in bread, or democracy should be jailed and deradicalized.

With that story at The Mirror immediately comparing those who trust the human immune system over the ‘big pharma mafia’ to ‘terrorists from the Taliban’ who ‘want to target the NHS for destruction’, it insanely claimed ‘anti-vaxxers’ want to ‘kill your babies’ at a time when liberals are murdering babies across America, with full government approval, by the hundreds of thousands each year. Talk about lunacy.

With Dr. Anthony Fauci recently claiming ‘it’s way too early to ditch masks‘ for people indoors while even babbling on recently about the fully vaccinated needing to wear masks outdoors, too, when was the last time that you wore a mask outdoors, vaccinated or not? Yeah, we don’t either but the looks that we’ll sometimes get from the fully masked, both indoors and outdoors, while not wearing masks help to explain to us what we’re now reading in the media.


So before we continue, let’s take a look at this story over at The Mirror to see what they really think about ‘anti-vaxxers’. Claiming that anti-vaxxers are a threat to their right to vote, their unborn children and we ‘threaten to drag them back to the 14th century’, how can anyone believe a word they say when they’re writing utter BS like this?

Imagine if the Taliban was targeting the NHS for destruction. Picture someone determined to live in the 14th century and drag you, your family, and your democracy back there too. What wonders that’ll do for infectious disease, maternal mortality rates, and your right to vote. It’s what you’d expect from the Taliban, isn’t it? 

And it is reasonable to say promoting those ideas, forcing them on others, or joining such a group of fatally-thick knuckledraggers is so likely to kill people that it should be a crime. 

Only this isn’t the Taliban. It’s your mate on Facebook, or Nicki Minaj. Or Piers Corbyn, whose unrestrained Messiah Complex is all the proof we need that Britain’s mental health services are seriously under-resourced.

Over the past year, these people have somehow convinced 5 million reasonably-educated British adults, including 40,000 whose actual job it is to care for the vulnerable, not to protect each other from a super-infectious strain of a deadly new disease. 

They have promoted the collapse of the NHS more effectively than the most-rabid, table-chewing backbench Tory. 

If ISIS was using Facebook to spread lies that killed people as surely as that, they’d not only massively increase their body count but Zuckerberg would have been forced to boot them off. 

They have called for a US Capitol-style insurrection, and the brother of the ex-Labour leader has suggested they need to “take down the vaccination centres, take down the town halls”. If the IRA was marching around London shouting that through a megaphone, there’d be troops back in the Bogside by teatime.

And today the same sort of idiot has greeted the news that folic acid will be added to flour to protect against baby abnormalities by saying the nation was being “dosed” with “poison”. 

Someone calling themselves a “kind, decent family man” wrote about “medication of the masses” and “jabbing poison in the body” and “poison in the bread”. 

A “naturopathic doctor” claimed “folic acid is poison”. And many repeated conspiracy theories about how man-made folic acid is toxic to 50% of people with a particular gene, when the evidence is that it makes just about everyone healthier. 

If these people were wearing swastikas and throwing Nazi salutes, the head of MI5 would be giving interviews about how the biggest threat to British lives was baby-killing fascists. Instead, well, it’s just nutters innit. And no-one stops to think about how the Taliban, the IRA, Al Qaeda, neo-Nazis and ISIS were all just nutters, once, and mostly still are.

So in the globalists eyes, those who have decided they’d rather wait to find out what the real long term effects of ‘the shot’ before taking it should be considered equal with the Taliban, the Irish Republican Army, Al Qaeda, ISIS and ‘neo-Nazis’. Meanwhile, Joe Biden and the left have heavily armed that same ‘Taliban’ with American taxpayer funded weapons in Afghanistan to the tune of billions. Talk about insanity.

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