Now it makes sense: AG Garland is cracking down on parents protesting critical race theory because his family member is getting rich off selling program to schools

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Image: Now it makes sense: AG Garland is cracking down on parents protesting critical race theory because his family member is getting rich off selling program to schools

(Natural News) Democrats continually accused former President Donald Trump of being corrupt and of profiting off his presidency because people stayed in his Washington, D.C., hotel.

But subsequent investigations found that Trump, who never took one dime in salary throughout his four-year term (he donated his quarterly paychecks to government agencies), never violated any laws or any constitutional provisions such as the “Emoluments Clause.” He was squeaky clean.

But the Biden regime? Not so much.

Not only is Hunter Biden making hundreds of thousands of dollars selling junk “art” to people as well as influence so they can cozy up to his presidential father, but Joe Biden’s attorney general appears to have a conflict of interest, too, and it’s disgusting because he’s abusing the power and authority of the federal government in the process.

“U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland recently instructed the FBI to begin investigating parents who confront school board administrators over Critical Race Theory indoctrination material,” the Conservative Treehouse reported. “The U.S. Department of Justice issued a memorandum to the FBI instructing them to initiate investigations of any parent attending a local school board meeting who might be viewed as confrontational, intimidating or harassing.

“Attorney General Merrick Garland’s daughter is Rebecca Garland. In 2018 Rebecca Garland married Xan Tanner. Mr. Xan Tanner is the current co-founder of a controversial education service company called Panorama Education. Panorama Education is the ‘social learning‘ resource material provider to school districts and teachers that teach Critical Race Theory,” the website continued.


This dishonest, unethical connection was initially reported by Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who discussed it during a segment on his show earlier this week.

“Merrick Garland’s daughter is married to a man who is the co-founder of an ‘education service company’ called Panorama Education, which, you will not be surprised to learn, provides materials on critical race theory to school districts – including dismantling ‘unconscious bias and systemic racism in schools,’” he said.

With his typical wit, Carlson explained why this is a hefty problem not just for American parents but also the Biden regime, not that anyone in this White House is going to do anything about a dirty, compromised attorney general (because who would prosecute him?).

“All of this raises serious ethical issues. The DOJ’s rules require employees to seek official guidance before ‘participating in any matter in which his or her impartiality could be questioned.’ That includes situations in which matters can ‘Affect the financial interests’ of a ‘relative with whom a [DOJ] employee has a close relationship,’” Carlson said.

“That would probably include your daughter, Merrick Garland. Did you do that? You can be assured that no one at the DOJ’s National Security Division is investigating that question tonight. Instead, they’re promising to go after people … and designate them domestic terrorists,” he noted further.

Carlson also made sure to note that this next-level corruption we are already seeing out of the Biden regime is unprecedented.

“The Biden administration is trying to tell school board members, using the Department of Justice, that they are in physical danger from parents, and those parents are national security threats,” he pointed out.

“Once again, nothing like this has ever happened in this country. It is an utter perversion of the mission and the power of the United States Department of Justice. It is almost impossible to overstate how sinister and crazy this is,” he added.

This monumental breach of our trust can only be dealt with by the White House and, in particular, the president. Since no federal prosecutor is going to step up and charge the sitting attorney general, his boss, then enforcement action has to come from the head of the Executive Branch.

Will that happen? Probably not.

Meanwhile, parents who are only ‘guilty’ of demanding that school board members they elected shun divisive CRT curriculum are already being targeted by a massively compromised AG.

This is the stuff of banana republics, not superpowers.

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