Ford Foundation exposed as a communist FRONT pushing anti-America propaganda: leaked texts

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Image: Ford Foundation exposed as a communist FRONT pushing anti-America propaganda: leaked texts

(Natural News) A coalition of whistleblowers from the infamous Ford Foundation has come forward to expose the organization’s communist leanings and anti-America agenda.

They released a trove of archived emails to the public showing that the Ford Foundation, which is legally classified as a “non-profit,” has deviated from its stated purpose and thus no longer qualifies as a valid 501(c)(3) group.

“In practice, the Ford Foundation is one of the greatest enemies of ‘Free Expression’ in the world,” notes Chris from Karlstack, “Creativity and Free Expression” being one of the Ford Foundation’s central core missions.

“I also believe that – if properly investigated – they would run afoul of the regulations regarding ‘The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests’ and ‘Section 501(c)(3) organizations are restricted in how much political and legislative (lobbying) activities they may conduct.'”

It turns out that many of the people who innocently joined the Ford Foundation’s Fellowship Program, believing it to be what it purports to be, are now feeling betrayed. This is why some of them are coming forward anonymously to tell all about what really goes on there.

For their own safety, they have chosen to not disclose their identities. However, these individuals should still be looked at as brave, all things considered.

“These whistleblowers can’t speak up publicly because any Fordie (they call themselves ‘Fordies’) who dares do anything other than pledge full-throated fealty to the woke party line is systematically harassed, doxxed, and blackballed from academia,” Chris explains.


“If you cross them, their modux operandi is to send your LinkedIn profile to their entire listserv so that everyone may harass your current and former employer.”

Ford Foundation cultists accuse Chris of being a “fascist” and a “white supremacist” simply for asking questions

When Chris attempted to reach out to the Ford Foundation for a comment on his story before publishing time, he was accused of being a “fascist” and a “white supremacist.”

His LinkedIn was then spammed out to the Ford Foundation listserv, just as he was told would happen, in an attempt to smear him and destroy his career.

Keep in mind that many of the Ford Foundation cultists are proud communists. They include blurbs and recognition of communist leaders like Che Guevara and Angela Davis in their email signatures, and praise communist regimes on the regular.

“Many of these Fordies make guest appearances on CNN, MSNBC, Democracy Now, NPR, etc.” Chris says about the types of places where these hacks are given a platform to speak their idiocy.

Each of the whistleblowers brings a unique perspective to the situation, but all of them basically said the same thing: the Ford Foundation is anti-America, anti-White, and anti-freedom. The true goal of the organization is to advance communism and bring about a global totalitarian state.

“The Ford Fellowship is simply ANTI WHITE, and in my view ANTI AMERICAN because they wish to divide our nation according to our skin color, and give power to those who agree with their political agenda,” one of them wrote.

“I am very sad that American tax dollars go to support this government created, government sanctioned political activist organization.”

After reading through all of the accounts, Chris determined that Fordies are “the most effete, verbose, pretentious, sheltered d**chebags you could possibly imagine … and not half as smart as they think they are” – and this is probably being too nice.

“Picture a Key & Peele skit where they play a caricature of goofy CRT (critical race theory) scholars. Common themes in their emails include them being petty, Machiavellian, vindictive, holier-than-thou, careerist narcissists.”

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