Dave Daubenmire chides government, mainstream media for pushing people to get vaccinated instead of encouraging them to get healthy – Brighteon.TV

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Image: Dave Daubenmire chides government, mainstream media for pushing people to get vaccinated instead of encouraging them to get healthy – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Coach Dave Daubenmire takes a swipe at the government and the mainstream media during his program “Pass the Salt” on Brighteon.TV.

“You all see the commercials with everybody telling you to get the jab, take the jab, six-foot distancing, do this, do that,” says Daubenmire. “You would think that right now, the commercial airwaves would be bombarded by vitamin commercials, mineral commercials and supplement commercials.”

He laments the fact that the government and the mainstream media are more focused on scaring the public and getting people to roll up their sleeves and get the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

“For the two-year period that we’re going through this mess, has somebody [from the government and the mainstream media] told you to get healthy and stay healthy?” asks Daubenmire. “For some reason, they are hell-bent on getting us take a vaccination.”

His guest, Dr. Jen Rivera, knows the reason why. “They can’t make money with what God had already created,” says Rivera.

People have neglected their temples for a long time

She also knows the reason why so many people get sick during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many of us have neglected our temples for a long time, so when the virus came along it took advantage of our negligence. It showed that we hadn’t taken care of our temples. We were not eating well or sleeping well. We were not taking care of ourselves,” Rivera says. Temple, of course, refers to our body.


“Most people are deficient in vitamin D. So, it’s not a really big surprise to see so many people get sick. We were not used to taking care of ourselves, taking vitamins and minerals – things that God had already created.”

According to Rivera, the virus has taken us by surprise because “we were negligent.”

Daubenmire and Rivera also discuss the process behind the making of COVID-19 vaccines. They both think that Big Pharma companies have skipped the animal trials because they know the animals would die.

“They know the effects of the shot would be. This specific shot is an ADE [antibody-dependent enhancement]. They know from past ADE studies that they can never pass the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] safety trials because all the animals died,” says Rivera. “So, they conveniently skipped the animal trials and went straight to human trials.”

Vaccinated people can become COVID-19 super-spreaders

Daubenmire also brings up the possibility that vaccinated people can become super-spreaders of the virus. Science supports that theory.

Dr. Michael Segal, a neurologist and neuroscientist, has explained in a published article why people vaccinated against COVID-19 are still contracting and spreading the disease at a high rate.

Segal writes that the vaccines only stimulate internal immunity but do nothing to address mucosal immunity. Internal immunity protects the inside of the body while mucosal immunity provides the first line of defense by protecting the nose and mouth, and by doing so also reduces spread to others.

He says that all COVID-19 vaccines “are largely ineffective at stimulating the secretion of a particular form of antibodies called Immunoglobulin A (IgA) into our noses that occurs after actual infection with a virus.”

A study in Israel has also found that vaccinated people were 13 times more likely to become infected and 27 times more likely to have symptomatic infections than people with natural immunity.

In January, a public health student from Harvard University warned that people injected with a COVID-19 vaccine might unwittingly become super-spreaders of the virus. The student, Rushabh Doshi, made the warning on KevinMD – a platform founded by Dr. Kevin Pho for medical professionals to share their insights.

“The COVID-19 vaccinations prevent disease, but we know little about if it prevents reinfection and further viral transmission,” Doshi wrote at the time. “In fact, vaccinated populations that act under the assumption that they are immune and therefore cannot spread the virus may prove to be the next super-spreaders.”

Doshi urged health authorities to educate the public about the vaccines. He also asked the recipients to be mindful that they could still catch and spread the virus.

“We must carefully educate a population dealing with serious virus fatigue and malaise that although receiving the vaccinations seems to prevent serious illness, we are unsure if they significantly reduce community transmission of the virus.”

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