Racist vaccines? Polling data shows Hispanic Americans experience THREE TIMES more serious vaccine reactions compared to Whites

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Image: Racist vaccines? Polling data shows Hispanic Americans experience THREE TIMES more serious vaccine reactions compared to Whites

(Natural News) The prevalence of serious adverse effects caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” is three times higher in Hispanic people than it is in white people, a new survey has found.

Big Data Poll found that people with brown skin are 300 percent more likely to become seriously injured or die post-injection than people with light skin, suggesting that Fauci Flu shots might have been designed with “minority” extermination in mind.

Richard Baris told Creative Destruction Media that Hispanic people reported the most “severe adverse effects that prevent daily activity.” Hispanics also experience the most mild and moderate symptoms associated with covid.

While the survey was merely that, a survey as opposed to a study, it does highlight the questionable disparities that exist in terms of how the jabs are affecting people differently based on their skin color.

“This revelation could be partly why blacks are more unlikely to take the vaccine than whites,” reported CD Media about another “minority” group that is highly suspicious of the shots.

African doctor declares covid vaccines are not a ploy to “kill black people”

We also know that for some time now, the powers that be have been trying to cover up all the injuries and deaths caused by the injections in black people, as well as in all people.

So many blacks especially are questioning the safety and effectiveness of the shots, and ultimately refusing them, that a prominent South African doctor actually came out and issued a statement suggesting that the shots were not designed to kill off black people, and that black people should just trust the authorities.


“The reality of the matter is, if anyone wanted to kill South Africans using a vaccine, they could have achieved that long ago,” stated Dr. Sandile Tshabalala at a vaccine promotional campaign held at UKZN in Pietermaritzburg.

“So, it is mere fake news that now there is somebody who wants to kill South Africans using any vaccine for that matter. If you’re saying it’s aimed at killing Black people … Everyone across the racial spectrum is getting vaccinated. Then, why would it kill only Black people? It does not make sense. So, there is nothing like that.”

The fact that someone actually came out to say something like this shows what a joke this all is, and how there are likely many more “hesitant” people out there of all skin colors than the media is suggesting.

Some are speculating that if even half of the population is “fully vaccinated” as claimed, then perhaps the real figure is more like one third. This would explain why the government, the media, and conventional doctors are having meltdowns over widespread distrust in the injections – because very few people, likely in the minority, are actually taking them.

“In years gone by, pregnant women and people with cancer or compromised immune systems were usually exempt from mandated or voluntary vaccines,” wrote one commenter at Natural News about how quickly things have changed due to covid.

“Yet everyone in the world is supposed to believe that bureaucrats are concerned about the good health of others. These snakes are usually largely to blame in some form or fashion for most people being sick, diseased or dead.”

Another pointed out that around 70 percent of America’s black population has yet to receive any of the Chinese Virus injections.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children, Hosea 4:6,” wrote another commenter about everyone who is just going along with the scheme.

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