China carrying out horrifying Nazi-style experiments on Muslims

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Image: China carrying out horrifying Nazi-style experiments on Muslims

(Natural News) China is now carrying barbaric medical experiments on Muslims in a horrifying, Nazi-like situation, campaigners claimed.

Inmates in China’s network of “re-education camps” have been given mysterious pills and injections, with their organs being removed while still alive.

It is said that Nazi doctors conducted similarly inhumane experiments on Jews and other minorities in concentration camps during World War II — a revelation that shocked the world when it was publicized.

However, these sinister practices are still happening today on Uighurs and other political prisoners who have been rounded up and sent to camps in China.

Western estimates show that one to two million people in the northwestern province of Xinjiang have been incarcerated at these facilities.

Amnesty International raises suspicions against Chinese government

An Amnesty International report also said that former prisoners have been subjected to medical experiments without their consent, just as the Nazis did. Sacha Deshmukh, the CEO of Amnesty International U.K. said that the treatment to which Muslims are being subjected in Xinjiang camps is nothing short of horrifying.

She also noted that there’s been a widespread belief among detainees that forced sterilization is being practiced on them, and they have concerns about different kinds of medical experimentations that they did not consent to.

Amnesty International’s own research also raised serious suspicions about government documentation relating to China’s vaccine administration, in particular, the alarming frequency in which detainees reported being injected with vaccinations.


There is also concern about the difficulty in verifying accounts because China is a highly secretive totalitarian state. The claims from different sources, however, seem to match.

If confirmed, this would be a direct violation of international laws that had been drawn up in response to the Nazis’ crimes against humanity. (Related: Chinese whistleblower says COVID intentionally released during October 2019 military games in Wuhan.)

Shocking testimonies surface

Based on shocking testimonies from prisoners who have fled from China, the organization said that inmates would have mystery injections and have their blood drawn. Doctors themselves have been tight-lipped about what the injections (or vaccinations) were for: Some were given every 10 to 15 days and blood samples were also taken.

According to the report, government documents revealed that detainees were required to be vaccinated, but the frequency in which some report being injected raised suspicions.

Some former detainees claimed that they were given injections or made to take pills every couple of weeks. The inmates were also said to be given blue tablets every two to three weeks. Detainees also reported that some people who received injections seemed inebriated or “happy” after. Other male former detainees claimed that as side effects, they were made impotent, while others experience memory loss, eyesight loss, or trouble with sleeping.

During the height of the COVID-19 outbreak last year, an Uyghur Muslim woman also said that she was detained in a cramped cell with others. She said she was forced to drink medicine that made her feel weak and nauseous while guards watched. She and other detainees also had to strip naked once a week to get hosed down with disinfectant.

Others still were being coerced into swallowing medicine that included ingredients that were banned in Germany, Switzerland, the U.S. and other countries due to high levels of toxins and carcinogens.

In light of the findings, Dr. Adnan Sharif from the Department of Nephrology and Transplantation in Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, has called for a boycott on transplant research findings from China.

“Given credible allegations and absence of evidence to the contrary, can we be sure that Chinese practice conforms to international law and ethical norms? If not, research linked to unethical transplantation is itself unethical,” he said in writing.

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