documents heartbreaking stories of vaccine injures, deaths

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Image: documents heartbreaking stories of vaccine injures, deaths

(Natural News) If Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are really “safe and effective” as the government claims, then why are there hundreds of stories about people who were seriously injured or killed by them documented in detail at

Founded in January 2021 on Telegram, is a new resource where you can read all about the many people whose lives were destroyed by Fauci Flu shots. It is a sobering experience to look through them all, but it is also an important one that might help to bring positive change to the current trajectory.

Since we are constantly being told by the “authorities” that there is no reason not to get jabbed with a Wuhan Flu shot, is a powerful rebuttal to that unsubstantiated claim.

“President” Joe Biden, for instance, whined recently that there is no good reason for anyone who is “unvaccinated” to wait any longer. He then proceeded to whisper in the ear of America that everyone needs to “get vaccinated” promptly – what are you waiting for?

The answer to that question, Pedo Joe, is that people who are actually doing their homework know that Chinese Virus injections are not safe, nor are they effective. They are harming more people than any other jab ever has.

How many more people need to die before the covid vaccine genocide comes to an end?

One of the victims shown on the site is Erica Kay Darr, 40, who “passed away unexpectedly following a Covid-19 vaccine.” Another is 56-year-old Fernando Katukina, an indigenous American who suffered fatal cardiac arrest after his injection.


Forty-four-year-old Stefano Paternò from Italy died just 16 hours after getting injected with the AstraZeneca vaccine. His brain began to bleed until he eventually passed away, leaving behind a wife and two children.

A young woman from Israel by the name of Shirel Hilel, 22, developed severe inflammation of the heart after receiving a Pfizer injection. She later died of cardiac arrest.

Rapper DMX (born Earl Simmons) is also listed as a victim, as he, too, died from cardia arrest not long after receiving his injection.

Davide Bristot, an 18-year-old from Italy, was also reported dead not long after receiving his Chinese Flu shot. He and many other young people listed on the site were healthy and normal prior to their injections.

All ages, races and body types are depicted in the archive, suggesting that Chinese Virus jabs do not necessarily discriminate based on pre-existing health conditions or body fat content.

One of the victims shown was a 26-year-old doctor from India who took the jab and began to feel unwell. Her husband, who is also a doctor, quickly administered pain medication but the woman passed just hours later while at the hospital. is another site where you will find stories about people whose lives were ruined or ended by Wuhan Flu shots. These are presented more as blog articles, while the stories at are displayed as picture tiles where you can see the victims’ faces. also has a podcast section where you can listen to a series called “Voices of the Victims.” Each episode features interviews with people who have either experienced or witnessed an injury or death caused by covid injections.

A quick note from the author of this story: It has come to my attention that some shared Wi-Fi networks will not allow access to An erroneous pop-up message claims that the site poses “phishing” risks. If you experience this, let us know about it in the comment section. It would seem as though the powers that be really do not want this information to get out there.

The latest news about injuries and deaths caused by Chinese Virus injections can be found at

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