UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Why has there been ZERO video footage of the raids on the US embassy in Afghanistan or interviews with Americans supposedly rescued by the Biden Regime?

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Image: UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Why has there been ZERO video footage of the raids on the US embassy in Afghanistan or interviews with Americans supposedly rescued by the Biden Regime?

(Natural News) America sure did exit Afghanistan in a big hurry. We left all the civilians, weapons, helicopters, tanks and lists of everyone who “betrayed” the Taliban by working with America in any capacity. The Embassy in Afghanistan and the airport in Kabul must have been under massive siege, yet somehow, the “higher ups” and all the military got out without a scratch.

There was NO TIME during the “retrograde” to actually climb into the 70 mine-resistant, ambush-protected war tanks and the $30-million-dollar Apache helicopters and take them out of Afghanistan, supposedly, so the fake US president decided we would leave everything behind for the Taliban, including rockets. Sure. If the “war zone” was so bad, why didn’t we shoot the enemy with the rockets, instead of leaving them behind? Wait, it gets worse.

Has anybody anywhere seen interviews with the 7,000 Americans who were supposedly “saved” from the 2021 Great Fall of Kabul? Has anyone seen a single video showing families reunited with their loved ones? What about escape footage? Is that all “classified” now?

From Benghazi in 2012 to the 2021 Great Fall of Kabul, it all stinks of treason and the outright murder of innocent Americans by US politicians

Whenever a major event is staged, like this massive weapons transfer, there’s nary a video of any of it “as it happened” according to Resident Biden and the MSM narrative. Where are the videos? The embassy does have a security system, right? Let’s see the great escape, and from all angles. Did they flank us from all sides? Did the Taliban phone in the threat that made the US military so scared they left behind the helicopters, tanks and rockets?


The US military left behind hundreds of millions of dollars worth of armored vehicles and all sorts of aircraft that have very sophisticated defense systems, all so they could “safely” leave the airport in Kabul. Where’s that video footage? Were there no cameras anywhere with remote recordings running?

Treason then, treason now: Obama confessed to handing Iran $1.7 billion in cash, now Biden must confess to the not-so-secret weapons transfer worth billions made to the Taliban

September of 2016, Obama finally confessed that he handed the scariest terrorists on planet earth $1.7 billion in cold, crisp cash. What better way to help them achieve nuclear capabilities. Now his senile cohort, China Joe, just gave the “other” scariest terrorists, who supposedly were responsible for 9/11 (along with inside job help), counter-rocket artillery and mortar systems that cost $10 million each, because they are designed to detect and shoot down incoming rockets.

Now again, why didn’t our military sit tight and use these to defend the embassy and airport in Afghanistan? And again, let’s see some footage of this infamous takeover of a country we’ve been battling in and defending for two decades.

Where are all the interviews showing the rescued Americans reunited with their families? Surely MSM television loves those emotional rides juiced up for CNN and all the Trump-hating, vaccine-loving Lefties. Tell us, in your own words please live on television, all about those “daring efforts” that the US military and the US State Department made to save you from the airport in Kabul.

Where are the videos of the crowds in America as their family members climb off the plane and return to safe US soil? Husbands, wives, daughters and sons crying in joy? Nada. No coverage, because maybe it never really happened. It was all just one huge weapons transfer by the CCP-and-Taliban-run Biden Regime.

Remember, lack of video footage is always the telltale sign of a staged event. Everybody and their brother has video capability on their phone now, and every place of importance for the military has high-level security footage running remotely 24/7/365.

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