Senator Ron Johnson: Health agencies are ignoring natural immunity from COVID-19

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Image: Senator Ron Johnson: Health agencies are ignoring natural immunity from COVID-19

(Natural News) Health officials in the U.S. continue to ignore natural immunity – the protection that people develop after recovering from some infectious diseases, including the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin says his research and scientific evidence – including a real-world study in Israel – are pointing to the fact that natural immunity is at similar or even better levels than vaccination.

“We’re ignoring natural immunity, even though the Israeli study now shows it’s 27 times more effective,” says Johnson.

Natural immunity recognizes the entire virus, while vaccines are designed to prevent infection from its original form. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and top health officials say that post-infection immunity is not as strong as vaccination.

However, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Dr. Anthony Fauci admits that he doesn’t have a “firm answer” as to why people who have recovered from COVID-19 require vaccinations.

Fauci says those who have previously been infected with the disease have protection, but argues that data doesn’t show how durable the protection is, or if it is affected by different variants of the virus. He adds that getting a vaccine will significantly increase the degree of protection compared to simply relying on natural immunity.

The CDC has also promoted a similar view. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has cited a Kentucky study showing that vaccinated people have more protection than those who have previously been infected. She says that natural immunity with vaccine offers better protection than natural immunity alone. (Related: Mainstream media helps Big Pharma justify production and rollout of ineffective COVID-19 vaccines.)


Researchers question the push for vaccines

A study conducted by researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has found that natural immunity may last for a year, as cells retain the memory of the virus and allow them to generate antibodies.

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a passive database run by the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has shown that between January 1, 1996 and June 30, 2021, the number of adverse events reported following the administration of flu vaccines is 171,732. In the nine months leading up to June 30, however, there had been 701,000 reports for COVID-19 vaccines.

The number of reported deaths post-COVID vaccination, has totaled 14,925 as of September 10. In comparison, there had only been 9,001 deaths reported following all other vaccines combined from July 1, 1990.

Federal officials maintain that there is no proven link between any of the deaths reported and the COVID-19 vaccines. They have added warnings to the labels of the vaccines after investigating adverse events reports, but still want everybody to get vaccinated.

Johnson has received little information regarding natural immunity, VAERS and other pandemic-related topics such as early COVID-19 treatment, showing patterns of lack of transparency from the federal government.

The senator says health agencies have not been focusing enough on treatment, noting that some treatments that have officially been sanctioned for the virus are being rationed because there is a lack of supply going around. “Had our federal health agencies devoted sufficient effort and research to help develop effective early treatment, thousands of lives could have been saved,” he says.

According to Johnson, some of the treatments that doctors proved successful include vitamin C, vitamin D and hydroxychloroquine. He plans on sending a letter to regulators, on behalf of a group of doctors, to give emergency use authorization for budesonide, which also works against COVID-19.

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