Beloved Michigan weatherman FIRED after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine

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Image: Beloved Michigan weatherman FIRED after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine

(Natural News) A veteran weatherman for a television station in Michigan who was very well-loved by his community has been fired for refusing to be vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

Karl Bohnak has served as the weatherman for WLUC-TV for over 33 years, bringing up-to-date weather reports to people all over Michigan’s central and western regions as well as the Upper Peninsula. WLUC‘s parent company, Gray Television, had instituted a vaccine mandate for all of its employees.

“Today, it is with a heavy heart, I announce after over 33 years, I am no longer employed at TV6,” wrote Bohnak in a long Facebook post detailing his firing.

“I am sad, but, to borrow a quote from a famous ballplayer, ‘I’m the luckiest man on the face of the earth’ because I had a dream as a kid to be a weatherman,” he continued, quoting Lou Gehrig’s famous farewell speech. “That dream came true and to top it off, I got to broadcast weather for one of the most challenging, beautiful spots in the United States. As an added bonus, the people I broadcast to all across Upper Michigan were so kind and encouraging. Thank you for watching.”

Gray Television’s vaccine mandate requires everyone attempting to enter the property of any of its television stations to be vaccinated against COVID-19. This rule applies to both employees and visitors. Bohnak explained that this is why he was fired.

“Many of you have taken one of these injections, and that is absolutely your right,” wrote Bohnak. “It is also my right to choose the medical options I feel are right for me. I have authority over my body.”


Bohnak explained that he did not want to get vaccinated because the big pharmaceutical corporations that created the vaccines cannot be held liable for any injury or death that occurs after a person’s vaccination.

“I asked myself, would I buy brakes for my vehicle if the brake company had no liability if the brakes failed? No! So, I will certainly not allow a medicine in my body from a company that does not stand behind its product,” he wrote.

Bohnak added that he is more likely to get vaccinated if his risk of dying from COVID-19 was significant. But he explained that he is a healthy adult with no comorbidities. This means his chances of surviving a bout of COVID-19 is over 99 percent.

“I will take the chance and go without a shot,” he wrote. “I choose not to risk serious side effects.”

The veteran weatherman ended his statement by talking about how people’s liberties should never be sacrificed, not even during times of emergencies such as global pandemics.

“I just wanted to go about my business, ‘live and let live,’ and keep my mouth shut. But this act by the federal government through corporate America has brought me to a crossroads. Our way of life, our freedom and liberty, is collapsing before our eyes,” he said.”

“One last thought – a distillation of a portion of Jefferson’s masterpiece, the Declaration of Independence: ‘When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.’ Those who love America and the freedom and liberty it stands for, must speak up. Hopefully, it’s not too late.”

Anti-vaccine mandate protesters hold rally to honor Bohnak

Hundreds of people held a rally to support Bohnak and protest WLUC’s vaccine mandate. The rally occurred in Negaunee Township in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, right outside WLUC’s headquarters.

The rally was organized by the Marquette County chapter of Stand Up Michigan, a political organization dedicated to protecting the constitutional freedoms and liberties of Michiganders. This includes the freedom to make decisions regarding personal health and the freedom from being coerced into getting vaccinated with the threat of unemployment.

“We grew up watching Karl, we love Karl, we think what was done to him was wrong,” said Marquette County Chapter President Danielle Walin. “Karl is a local icon, we all grew up watching him, and we all want to stand up for him and voice our opinions.”

“We’re all for choice,” Walin added. “We’re just against mandates, you know. It’s your choice. If you want to do that, as far as getting a vaccine, that’s your choice. But we don’t feel the mandates should be used.”

“Nobody should be mandated to have a vaccine if they don’t choose to do so,” said Chapter Vice President Alyssa LePage. “We feel very strongly about this. If people want to get vaccinated, that is their choice. If they do not want to, that is also their choice, and that is very important that we stand up for these freedoms, and if we don’t, who else will?”

Stand Up Michigan’s rally drew in hundreds of people from all over the Upper Peninsula, and even some people who traveled there from the Lower Peninsula.

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