Texas GOP lawmaker goes there, calls on Gov. Abbott to disregard hapless Biden regime and take control of border himself

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Image: Texas GOP lawmaker goes there, calls on Gov. Abbott to disregard hapless Biden regime and take control of border himself

(Natural News) Anger and resentment continue to build in Texas as the state has been transformed into a gigantic way station for illegal aliens who are invading the country as never before.

When Joe Biden took office in January and immediately reversed all of President Donald Trump’s border enforcement policies, the predictable happened: Hundreds of thousands of the world’s poor began flocking into America, overwhelming Border Patrol agents and triggering the largest drug-smuggling operation in the history of the Mexican cartels.

Federal immigration authorities almost overnight were transformed into babysitters, caretakers, delivery workers and taxi drivers as more and more agents were plucked off the front lines to care for an endless stream of illegal aliens, as the regime bussed and flew tens of thousands more all over the country.

The situation reached absurd levels last week as thousands of migrants from Haiti flocked into Texas near the city of Del Rio, most of whom congregated underneath a bridge and constructed a tent city almost overnight.

The National Sentinel reported on the worsening situation:

Our country is literally being invaded and the Biden regime is aiding and abetting it by refusing to do its job and protect[ing] the sovereignty of our borders.

Texas has been the hardest hit of all our southwest border states, which is contributing to Gov. Greg Abbott’s and the GOP-led legislature to fund their own border wall and to increase law enforcement.

But there’s only so much a state can do, since immigration is a federal responsibility.


Fox News’ Bill Melugin also documented the horrific conditions as well as the sheer size of the migrant city.

“When [DHS] Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas said, once again, that the border is closed, I can tell you that is a tough pill for border agents to swallow. They talk to us off the record, and they roll their eyes when they hear that,” Melugin reported last week, quoting Border Patrol agents.

The mass illegal crossings were the last straw for Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), who has begun to demand that GOP Gov. Greg Abbott simply disregard the Biden regime altogether since the president refuses to live up to his oath of office and the Constitution and enforce all laws, including those against illegal immigration.

Roy joined Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday and ripped the current regime for failing to enforce laws and protect Americans.

“This is happening right now, and this president does not care. Article four, section four guarantees us a republican form of government and that the president and the federal government is supposed to protect us from invasion,” Roy said.

“He is failing, and he is willfully disregarding his duty to enforce the laws of the United States and faithfully execute the laws of the United States,” the Republican added.

“Not only is it impeachable, but I believe that the governor of Texas ought to start disregarding this president and start taking into our own hands in Texas the need to secure the border of the United States for the welfare of the people.

“Not just us, but the migrants getting abused in the name — in the false name of compassion by Democrats who like to pat themselves on the back,” Roy added.

Sen. Ted Cruz, another Texas Republican, also went to the border to document the situation and to blast the regime for inaction.

“I am on the ground in Del Rio, Texas tonight. As of this moment, there are 10,503 illegal aliens under the Del Rio International Bridge,” he wrote. “This manmade disaster was caused by Joe Biden.”

By Monday, the regime had been pressured into resuming repatriation flights of the migrants back to Haiti, but only because Biden was busted. Roy is right; if Texas and other border states want some security, they’re going to have to create their own and simply ignore this White House.

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