Treason: Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley told top military officials not to take orders from Trump following Jan. 6 Capitol staged breach

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Image: Treason: Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley told top military officials not to take orders from Trump following Jan. 6 Capitol staged breach

(Natural News) Throughout our history, there has been no greater traitor to his people than American Gen. Benedict Arnold, who’s lust for power, riches and glory drove him to betray his fellow colonials and throw in with the British during the Revolutionary War.

But that appears to have now changed.

Benedict Arnold in the modern era is the country’s top general, Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, based on excerpts of a forthcoming book by a couple of Washington Post vets, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

According to the authors of the book “Peril,” Milley told the Pentagon’s top commanders to ignore the then-sitting commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, after the Jan. 6 breach, according to CNN:

Two days after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, President Donald Trump’s top military adviser, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, single-handedly took secret action to limit Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous military strike or launching nuclear weapons…

Woodward and Costa write that Milley, deeply shaken by the assault, ‘was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election, with Trump now all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies.’

Milley worried that Trump could ‘go rogue,’ the authors write.

“You never know what a president’s trigger point is,” Milley reportedly said.

As such, Milley went on to take “extraordinary action,” calling a secret confab in his office in the Pentagon on Jan. 8 to go over processes for military action “including launching nuclear weapons,” CNN continued. In meeting with senior military officials who ran the National Military Command Center, which is the Defense Department’s war room, the Joint Chiefs chairman told his subordinates they were not to take any orders from anyone unless he was looped in.


“No matter what you are told, you do the procedure. You do the process. And I’m part of that procedure,” Milley told the assembled officers, the book claims. He then looked each of the meeting participants in the eye and told them to verbally tell him they understood what it was he was saying: ‘Don’t listen to Trump; listen to me.’

On Wednesday amid the fallout, the Pentagon put out a statement that actually defended Milley’s actions, if you can believe that.

“What I can tell you is that it is not uncommon at all for the Department to continue to review security protocols particularly when it comes to our strategic deterrence capabilities… to make sure that they are still relevant,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, who claimed he was not speaking to the accusation that Milley took steps to prevent the sitting president from launching a nuclear strike — which he would have to do in response to an incoming strike, keep in mind — while assuring his Chinese counterpart he planned to warn of any incoming attack.

“It’s also completely appropriate — and again I’m not speaking to the validity of things that are in the book — but it is completely appropriate for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff… to want to see those protocols reviewed on whatever frequent basis that he wants to do that.”

Flat out, that is treason, and Sen. Rand Paul is well aware of what needs to happen.

“I don’t care what you think of President Trump, the Chairman of the JCOS working to subvert the military chain of command and collude with China is exactly what we do not accept from military leaders in our country,” Paul, a Kentucky Republican, tweeted. “He should be court martialed if true.

“Couple that with his inept handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and it is clear General Milley is no longer fit to serve as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and should be removed immediately,” he wrote.

If we had a functional government, Milley would have already been arrested by military officials ahead of a court martial.

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