“King” Biden blames “unvaccinated” Americans for COVID vaccine mandate as red states line up around the block to sue

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Image: “King” Biden blames “unvaccinated” Americans for COVID vaccine mandate as red states line up around the block to sue

(Natural News) If you never thought there would come a day when an American president would blame citizens for perpetuating a viral pandemic, you’ve just been wildly disappointed.

On Thursday, ‘King’ Joe Biden issued an order mandating that businesses with more than 100 employees require their workers to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or risk being fined 14 grand per violation for non-compliance, and in doing so laid the blame for it on tens of millions of fellow citizens who, for whatever reason, have chosen to shun the jab.

“Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated, even though the vaccine is safe, effective, and free,” Biden began, as if availability and lack of cost have anything at all to do with the personal decision not to get a vaccine.

“We’re in a tough stretch, and it could last for a while.  The highly contagious Delta variant that I began to warn America about back in July spread in late summer like it did in other countries before us,” he claimed.

“While the vaccines provide strong protections for the vaccinated, we read about, we hear about, and we see the stories of hospitalized people, people on their death beds, among the unvaccinated over these past few weeks,” Biden added before going on to point fingers.

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. And it’s caused by the fact that despite America having an unprecedented and successful vaccination program, despite the fact that for almost five months, free vaccines have been available in 80,000 different locations, we still have nearly 80 million Americans who have failed to get the shot,” he said.


No, it isn’t a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” it’s a pandemic of China’s creation, which occurred, in part, with taxpayer money provided by one Anthony Fauci, the ‘lead’ immunologist in the country, via funding through the National Institutes of Health agency he has run since the early 1980s.

“Nearly three quarters of the eligible have gotten at least one shot, but one quarter has not gotten any. That’s nearly 80 million Americans not vaccinated. And in a country as large as ours, that’s 25 percent minority. That 25 percent can cause a lot of damage — and they are,” he said.

Understand that Biden’s speechwriters and Marxist handlers are purposely dividing our country — gaslighting to create hostility between left-wing sycophants who lap up everything these liars tell them and the legions of American patriots, vaxxed and unvaxxed, who believe in small ‘r’ republican government, individual freedom, and the right to decide your own medical path forward (remember when the left was all about ‘my body, my choice’ when it came to killing an unborn child?).

Needless to say, a plethora of red state governors immediately stepped forward and pushed back, promising one court battle after another in pushing back on this unconstitutional edict.

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor released a statement saying his administration is “preparing litigation” to defend state residents from “overreach of the federal government.”

We respect the right of Oklahoma businesses and individuals to make healthcare decisions for themselves and their families,” O’Connor noted.

“My office will vigorously oppose any attempt by the federal government to mandate vaccines. We are preparing litigation to stand up for our rights and defend the rule of law against the overreach of the federal government,” he added.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem also made a similar announcement, saying her state would challenge the mandate as well.

“My legal team is standing by ready to file our lawsuit the minute @joebiden files his unconstitutional rule. This gross example of federal intrusion will not stand,” she tweeted.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did as well.

“How could we get to the point in the country where you would want to have someone lose their job because of their choice about the vaccine or not? I mean, look, some folks have reasons to do — maybe they’re making the wrong decision — but to put them out of work and not let them earn a living because of this, I just think that that’s fundamentally wrong,” DeSantis said.

“I do not believe that people should lose their jobs over this issue, and we will fight that. If they try to do that through a rule like the Department of Labor, I don’t think they have the legal authority to do that, but we obviously would want to support protections for people who are just trying to earn a living,” he added.

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