Satanists admit that legalized abortion is how they perform ritual child sacrifices at the Satanic Temple

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Image: Satanists admit that legalized abortion is how they perform ritual child sacrifices at the Satanic Temple

(Natural News) One of the biggest supporters of Planned Parenthood and the “right” of women to murder their unborn children is the Church of Satanism, which recently admitted that abortion must remain legal if the religion is to continue having access to the babies it needs for ritual child sacrifices.

Over the years, Satanists have held demonstrations in Michigan, Missouri, and elsewhere to scream and howl about how legal abortion is a critical component of the religion’s sacraments. If abortion was outlawed, there would no longer be any legal way for Satanists to offer sacrifices to their god.

Back in 2015, Satanists held a fundraiser to support a Democrat-led effort to provide abortion-on-demand to whoever wants one. Two years later, Planned Parenthood joined the Satanists to try to expand the abortion business in Missouri, which thankfully failed.

In 2019, Virginia Gov. Ralph “blackface” Northam openly promoted infanticide, calling on live-born babies that did not die in abortion to be murdered after leaving the womb.

In 2020, Satanists confirmed that abortion is, in fact, a “satanic ritual” that they want to remain protected as part of the Satanic religion. In early 2020, The Satanic Temple of Texas filed a lawsuit to try to designate abortion as a “religious right.”

Now, in response to the new Texas law prohibiting abortions after six weeks, the Satanists are once again rallying the troops to demand that free and open access to baby murder be allowed at all stages of babyhood so Satan can receive the sacrifices he demands.


“Abortion laws in TX violate our religious rights and TST (The Satanic Temple) has taken legal action,” The Satanic Temple tweeted.

“If TX judges abide by the Constitution and legal precedent, then those who share our deeply held beliefs will be exempt from the state’s inappropriate efforts to restrict access to abortion services.”

To Satanists, murdering babies is like taking communion

In other words, abortion is a sacrament to Satanists, much like how taking communion is a sacrament to Christians. The difference is that abortion is an evil act of worship to the evil one himself.

Jack Posobiec tweeted a document – see below – that explains what a “Satanic abortion ritual” entails. Read it at your own risk because the contents are both disturbing and heartbreaking.

It is apparently no longer taboo to talk about and admit these types of things in public. The Satanists of old would have had at least some restrain in making known their true beliefs, but now the Church of Satan has basically merged with the Democrat Party to try to normalize baby murder as just another “constitutional right.”

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that murdering one’s own children or the children of another is a “right,” of course. But Democrats and Satanists, which are now one and the same, believe otherwise.

“Satanists are politically aligned with Democrats,” wrote one commenter at The Gateway Pundit.

“Planned Parenthood and Satan are in cahoots, so the sooner the Supreme Court overturns Roe vs Wade, the better,” responded another.

“Satanists and Democrats: both groups are passionately defending the butchery of the unborn. The only difference: the Satanists know they are Satanists,” added yet another.

On and on the comments go, reading much like the others: Being a Democrat and being a Satanist are basically the same thing. And to those who claim to be Christian Democrats, well, you had better reflect on what it is you actually believe because your religion certainly does not align with your politics.

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