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(Natural News) John Radell of the Delaware-based Faith & Freedom Coalition claimed America is “decisively engaged.” He shared this warning to Dr. John Diamond during the Aug. 30 edition of the latter’s America Unhinged program on Brighteon.TV. Radell added that America’s decisive engagement was with China in a conflict with only two choices: Surrender or win.

Diamond opened his show by sharing a bit of his background. He entered the U.S. Air Force six days after he graduated from high school in 1983. During his time in the Air Force, Diamond became aware of the different tactics used by the communists to infiltrate different facets of society. One tactic shared by the theologian was how communist operatives would often take control of the media.

“When the communists came in and overtook Eastern Europe, one of the things they did was … [take] over state media. [They] learned very quickly that [if] they did not control both sides of the narrative, the other side would rise up. So the lesson learned from that would be [that] there had to [be] a controlled opposition,” Diamond said.

He then slammed Fox News and other entities that pretended to stand up for American values but were actually controlled opposition. Diamond also mentioned that the 2020 presidential elections and the ongoing pandemic exposed America’s real enemies and revealed their true colors to the world.

The theologian quoted a statement by the late Soviet leader Joseph Stalin that said people who cast votes decide nothing, but those who count the votes decide everything. He then shared what happened back in the 2000 presidential elections, which former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Al Gore contested.


Diamond described a “great, big media show trial” surrounding the elections and mentioned the overarching narrative back then espousing electronic voting over paper ballots. He argued that the push for electronic voting was a ploy to introduce voting machines that can be hacked and reprogrammed to favor a certain candidate.

He ultimately lamented: “[This] ancient communist tactic [has] been used many, many times because we’re ignorant of history [and we] just allow it to happen.”

Radell: Trump “besieged on all sides,” conservatives undermined

Radell shared how he came upon the term “decisively engaged” and how it applied to America’s current situation. He explained that he first chanced upon the term back in April 2020 while in a conference call with about 50 conservative leaders from across the nation.

One speaker, a former intelligence officer under former President Donald Trump, told the attendees: “People, don’t you understand we’re decisively engaged?” Radell, a military veteran himself, responded: “Where does the government … [and] military stand?” The former officer then reached out to Radell to talk privately, where he revealed that people are unaware of the full extent of America’s decisive engagement.

Radell shared with Diamond the former intelligence officer’s revelation. “Trump is surrounded on all four sides. [The deep state wants] him gone [because he’s] not playing the game the way politics [is] supposed to be played. This guy truly is someone who believes in the people … and understands that people’s rights do matter,” he said. (Related: Deep state boasts of “conspiracy” against Trump in 2020 election.)

The officer later revealed in July 2020 that while he believed Trump could win the presidential election, he would not be able to serve a second term. “We have to decide what we are going to do, how we are going to address this. Right now, people don’t understand what’s coming their way. They don’t understand the storm that is brewing,” the officer told Radell.

Furthermore, Radell shared another conversation he had with conservative author Rich Higgins. According to the author, the conservative movement in America was “dying.” Higgins blamed this on the use of so-called “Republicans in name only” such as Mitt Romney, John McCain and George W. Bush to define the conservative movement instead of real conservative figures. (Related: SURRENDER CAUCUS: 17 House RINO freshmen pledge loyalty to president-imposed Joe Biden.)

He also lamented how the conservative movement was “divided” from within and “splintered … into different factions.” He explained that at one point, conservatives were too focused on the issue of alleged collusion between Russia and Trump – “away from what was actually happening with China undermining our country.” has more articles about America’s decisive engagement with those out to destroy us.

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