Pro-abortion New York AG Letitia James illegally spied on pro-life pastor

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Image: Pro-abortion New York AG Letitia James illegally spied on pro-life pastor

(Natural News) New evidence has surfaced to show that New York attorney general Letitia James illegally targeted a pro-life pastor and his flock in Brooklyn for their protest activities against legalized baby murder.

With the help of her two Democrat predecessors, James paid to have hidden cameras set up to spy on Rev. Kenneth Griepp and his flock. She also, using taxpayer dollars, sent undercover operatives to surveil them.

This illegal spying campaign has been going on since 2017, reports indicate. James continues to target and harass Griepp and his Church at the Rock, despite a federal appeals court unanimously ruling that they have the right to gather if they so choose.

The Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided to dismiss a claim by James for a preliminary injunction against the protesters because she “failed to establish a likelihood of success on the merits as to most claims.”

“It may be particularly appropriate to reconsider whether there were violations,” the appellate court explained.

James sued Griepp and his flock in an attempt to silence them from making their voices heard against the legalized murder of unborn children. It ultimately failed because Griepp continued to counsel women outside of abortion clinics in obedience to his calling from God.

“The political powers have rejected God in this sphere of life,” Griepp told the Washington Free Beacon. “We rejoice in the persecution. Does that make it easier? No. But it does allow us to understand that this is part of following the Lord.”


Pro-abortion extremists falsely accused Griepp of “harassing” women

According to the New York attorney general’s office, Griepp and his fellow pro-life activists were overcrowding and threatening women outside of the Choices Women’s Medical Center in Queens.

This claim is unsubstantiated as the group was merely providing counseling services, which explains why James’ office refused a request for further comment.

To try to make a case against her targets, James spent unknown amounts of taxpayer dollars infiltrating the sidewalk events in an attempt to prove some kind of harassment. This, too, failed.

“It looks to all the world that this is a targeting of pro-life activists who happen to be persistent and effective,” says Stephen Crampton, senior counsel for the Thomas More Society, a nonprofit religious liberty firm that is representing Griepp.

“So, the dirty work here is done by the state and not the clinic itself.”

Fake “vice president” Kamala Harris did much the same thing while holding the title of attorney general in California. Harris is guilty of launching a political witch hunt against pro-life journalist David Daleiden, whose hidden cameras uncovered undeniable evidence of illegal black market activity within the abortion industry.

Xavier Becerra, Harris’ successor, who now holds the title of secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under fake “president” Joe Biden, filed 15 felony charges against Daleiden in 2017 alone.

“For years, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry have been cultivating patronage relationships with powerful pro-abortion politicians in law enforcement leadership roles in order to silence and persecute pro-life voices while also obstructing justice in investigations of abortion crimes,” Daleiden told the Free Beacon.

“Americans are waking up to this corrupt abortion industrial-political complex, and the facts will continue to come out about how some of the most powerful so-called public servants in the country have abused their power to shield special-interest abortion businesses from any criticism or scrutiny.”

As for Griepp, the baby murderers targeting him are livid that his free speech rights are being protected by the courts. These abortionists are confident, though, that women will continue to get abortions regardless of Griepp’s counseling efforts.

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