Is graphene oxide what caused Japanese authorities to suspend Moderna’s “contaminated” covid vaccines?

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Image: Is graphene oxide what caused Japanese authorities to suspend Moderna’s “contaminated” covid vaccines?

(Natural News) At least 1.63 million doses of Moderna’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” have been suspended in Japan after it was discovered that the vials contain “contamination” in the form of “foreign materials.”

On August 26, the country’s health ministry discovered that at least 390 doses, or 39 vials, of the Moderna injection from eight different vaccination sites contain the mystery substances, which strangely enough were found to be magnetic.

“It’s a substance that reacts to magnets,” announced a ministry official, raising fresh concerns about the presence of graphene oxide inside the vials. “It could be metal.”

Takeda Pharmaceutical, a Japanese drug manufacturer, received multiple reports about the magnetic vials, prompting government officials to take swift action in the interest of public health.

The contamination reports involve a batch of Moderna vaccines containing 565,400 doses of the shot. Japan’s health ministry decided to suspend the entire lot after consulting with Takeda and determining that they might not be safe.

Two additional batches were also suspended, bringing the total number of doses that will no longer be plunged into people’s arms to around 1.63 million.

Unfortunately, some doses from the affected lots had already been administered at 863 vaccination centers across Japan. All of them have since been notified to stop injecting the shots immediately.

Most of Japan remains fully “unvaccinated” for the Fauci Flu

While no adverse events have thus far been reported, according to officials, Takeda is urging Moderna to investigate the matter immediately as a matter of emergency. The affected lots include 3004667, 3004734, and 3004956.


“Moderna confirms having been notified of cases of particulate matter being seen in drug product vials of its COVID-19 vaccine,” the company announced in a statement.

“The company is investigating the reports and remains committed to working expeditiously with its partner, Takeda, and regulators to address this.”

All of the Moderna injections currently being administered in Japan came from a company out of Spain. The ones being administered in the United States and elsewhere came from somewhere else.

“We will do [our] utmost in order to avoid any impact on vaccination progress, especially at worksites and large-scale centers,” announced Katsunobu Kato, Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary.

It is currently unknown whether or not other countries’ supplies of Moderna vaccine are in any way affected by this discovery. Perhaps everywhere that Moderna shots are being administered should start examining the vials by placing magnets next to them to see if they stick.

Roughly 43 percent of Japan’s population has been “fully vaccinated” for the Chinese Virus, while maybe 50 percent have received at least one dose. It is one of the country’s where covid vaccine compliance remains low.

It is believed among some that all mRNA injections, including those manufactured by Pfizer, contain graphene oxide, a highly toxic magnetic substance that enhances the delivery of vaccine drugs into human cells.

Graphene oxide is said to be more conductive than copper and can cause the body to become magnetic, hence the plethora of reports from all around the world of magnets sticking to the arms of people who were recently injected.

“This is not a mystery,” wrote one commenter at Natural News about graphene oxide, further claiming that the injections contain a two-dimensional atomic layer of the stuff at one nanometer thick.

“General searches on graphene oxide indicate it was first synthesized about 20 years ago, and is now being experimented on for a number of applications, including many pharmaceuticals. This is mainstream information. That graphene oxide is in the vaccines has been ignored by mainstream reports.”

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