Transgender movement goes after kids to gain cultural acceptance

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Image: Transgender movement goes after kids to gain cultural acceptance

(Natural News) (LifeSiteNews) – Almost every week, there are new stories that highlight the lightning speed at which the transgender revolution is taking over nearly every social institution. Entertainment; medicine; media — terms and phrases that nobody had heard of just a few years ago are now presented as the New Truth. Our society is being transitioned, and it is important that we take note of this fact. It should shape the way we raise our families. 

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In Australia, the children’s group The Wiggles — which is ubiquitous in kids’ entertainment — has unveiled a number of LGBT characters for kids, including a non-binary unicorn named Shirley Shawn. As Rod Dreher wrote in a column titled “The Wiggles of Weimar,” we ignore this sort of thing at our peril: 

I know what some of you are saying: there he goes again, that right-wing nut, getting bent out of shape over a kid’s show. Sorry, but this is a big deal. They are trying to colonize the minds of preschool age children with this gender-ideology lie, which seeks to destroy the essence of man. It’s disgusting. They really are coming for our children. Do not be fooled. This is culture war at its purest: to conquer the minds of kids so small they don’t even know that they are being indoctrinated. 

He’s precisely right about that, and this madness is overtaking everything. The Canadian Medical Association Journal, for example, also published an article on the transgender issue a couple of days ago — titled “Pregnancy in Transgender Men.” By “transgender men,” of course, they mean biological women identifying as men, and the article notes, among other things, that “Fertility planning for all transgender men, particularly those with a uterus, should be discussed at regular intervals without assumption of type of sexual activity or fertility goals. For patients aiming for pregnancy, clinicians should discuss both medical and psychosocial expectations from preconception to postpartum.” 

Just to recap there — this is a medical journal talking about pregnant men. And we’re all supposed to smile and nod along, just like we are for children’s entertainment pitching gender fluidity to toddlers.  


Meanwhile, our mainstream media are doing their bit for the revolution by constantly pumping out human interest stories designed to make this new alternative reality normal. One recent article, for example, featured the lengthy title “As a trans masculine person, my period doesn’t trigger feelings of anxiety — until I have to buy menstrual products labeled ‘for women.’” The answer to this great injustice, of course, is to abolish the word women and have society follow progressive leaders such as Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden in using the phrase “pregnant persons” in order to appease the trans community. 

It is important to realize that if you are raising a family and want to protect them from this madness, you cannot take anything for granted anymore. Living counter-culturally is no longer an option — it is a necessity, unless you want your family’s values to be shaped by the culture rather than Christianity. Even cultural Christianity is now gone in North America, the culture is actively hostile to any expression of actual truth. In his column, Dreher quotes a woman studying at an unnamed elite college: 

Please warn your readers because everyone who’s a sane parent, Christian or not, needs to hear this. 

There is a certain type of parent who thinks, “Well, I’ll just stop my kids from watching The Wiggles.” Do not make the mistake of thinking that this gender ideology is going to evade you or your kids if only you cut out The Wiggles. It is everywhere, and the elites in charge either want it to be everywhere or will spread it everywhere because they’re indifferent about it because tradition has been wiped away. Gender ideology has overtaken our elite institutions, and I know this because I go to one. I have seen the types of people who are going into education and education policy and who want to teach as an act of social justice (as opposed to the standard reasons). These are smart individuals who are going to be influential down the line, and who have a high degree of educational pedigree. Gender ideology is what they care about teaching, and it is what they care about, period. 

It would be nice to think that we could just go to church, raise our families, and ignore the culture entirely. Unfortunately, these people have no intention of leaving us alone — none whatsoever.

We need to be prepared.

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