Australian truckers planning major strike to protest authoritarian COVID lockdowns, advising citizens to stock up in advance

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Image: Australian truckers planning major strike to protest authoritarian COVID lockdowns, advising citizens to stock up in advance

(Natural News) Australian truckers appear to be banding together to shut down their country’s economy in protest of authoritarianism and tyranny over COVID-19 lockdowns and other pointless mandates given that the continent isn’t suffering many infections at all.

One of the truckers, an unidentified man, posted a short video to social media making the announcement while advising his fellow citizens to get busy and stock up before the end of the month when the strike is set to begin.

Caution: Strong language

“Good morning, Australia,” the man begins, hand-brushing back his white hair. “I just f**cking woke up.”

“We’ve been telling everyone around the world — everyone — and everyone around Australia, it’s on. The truckers are doing it,” he continued.

“We need you and everyone else’s support to watch this video, hand it up, and let everyone in Australia know the truckies are gonna shut down the country,” the man continued. “What that means is you need to go shopping now, get what you can for the next week or two, load your fridge, freezers.

“The truckies are comin’ and they’re gonna pull this country down, and we’re all gonna do it together and remove the sh*t government,” the man went on. “The vets are in, the truckies are in, I’m in. I’m willing to go to jail to save my country and my children.

“If you wanna do this, you gotta do it together as one,” he added.

The men went on to talk about “the poison” that is the COVID virus and specifically that China developed it with U.S. funding and that most governments were aware of it.


In addition, truckers are also upset about wages and have other differences with Toll, a multi-billion dollar transport company, after talks broke down with the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

Business Insider Australia reports:

Australia will need to brace for major disruptions from Friday as it experiences its first road transport strike in more than a decade.

Thousands of truck drivers will go on strike on Friday after negotiations broke down between multi-billion dollar logistics company Toll and the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

The industrial action, supported by 94% of the workforce, will see workers pack it in for a full 24 hours, grinding deliveries to a halt, and creating a wave of backlogs and delays.

“It is an abomination that billionaire retailers like Amazon are smashing profit records while ripping off transport supply chains and crushing the jobs of the truck drivers who’ve risked the health of their families to deliver parcels and keep shelves stocked,” TWU national secretary Michael Kaine told the outlet.

“Toll workers need guarantees that they won’t be sliced and diced Qantas-style and replaced by a cut-price, underemployed workforce. They don’t want to go on strike, especially during a pandemic, but they must because they have everything to lose,” he continued.

“Toll’s behavior is reprehensible. The transport giant is responsible for two crises at the same time: a cruel attack on good, safe transport jobs, and mass disruption to food and fuel supplies,” Kaine added.

“Both of these disasters would have been fixed today if Toll had taken a reasonable approach and backed down on plans to trash jobs and drag down standards in Australia’s deadliest industry.”

Another report said that deliveries of food and other high-demand, high-value commodities are going be in short supply as well.

The decision to strike also comes as Australian authorities have begun cracking down on their own citizens over COVID ‘violations’ like trying to rescue a dog or sneezing, unmasked, in an elevator.

“This is a power move by a population fed up with police violence and government despotism and one can only hope nothing untoward will happen and the government indeed stands down and leaves the halls of power so the people of Australia can rise in freedom once again; a breakthrough for the rest of the world as well,” Our Greater Destiny noted.

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